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Expert Witnesses in Cherry Hill Car Accident Cases

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An expert witness is somebody who, based on education, training, or experience, has information or knowledge beyond the understanding of most people. An attorney would use expert witnesses in a Cherry Hill car accidents case because they have in-depth knowledge of topics that the average person does not understand, and can provide context so that people better understand the case. If you have been involved in a car accident, your lawyer can use expert witnesses to further build your case. If you have been involved in a car accident, get in contact with a qualified car accident lawyer who can advocate for you.

Kinds of Expert Witnesses

In a car accident case, there can be expert witnesses with respect to responsibility or liability for the accident, and those types of expert witnesses are called accident reconstructionists. They are typically engineers who are able to take the physical evidence at a scene in addition to testimony and use signs to determine the cause of an accident.

Other types of experts typically seen in an auto accident case in Cherry Hill would involve medical experts, including a pain management doctor, an orthopedic doctor, a chiropractic physician, or any type of medical expert who is typically involved in a case where somebody has been in a car accident.

An experienced car accident attorney will have determined in advance of trial the type of expert testimony that will be required to give the best chance of success. Based on that particular attorney’s experience and understanding of the issues that are at play, they would seek the appropriate experts to be able to prove the plaintiff’s case.

Is the Expert Witness Allowed to Have an Existing Relationship With the Plaintiff?

Expert witnesses in Cherry Hill car accidents cases are allowed to have an existing relationship with the plaintiff. For example,  sometimes the plaintiff is able to call their treating physician as an expert in the case and that they would have an existing relationship with that expert. There is nothing about an existing relationship that would preclude an expert. Conflict of interest is not always a reason to question the credibility of a witness.

Weight Given to Witness Testimony

An expert witness is evaluated by the jury based on their education, training, experience, ability to understand the facts and have a complete understanding of the facts, and ability to convey why those facts lead them to a certain opinion. Each expert is evaluated by jurors based on not only their education, experience, and training, but the facts they rely on and the type of opinions that they arrive. They compare those opinions with the experts of the defendant and how their side has presented. The jury makes their decision as to what expert opinions they want to accept or not accept.

Benefits and Drawbacks to an Expert Witness

Expert witnesses, unlike lay witnesses or regular witnesses, are allowed to provide opinion testimony. Typically, witnesses are not allowed to provide opinions. However, expert witnesses, based on their education, experience, and training, are permitted to provide opinions as to causes of the accident, causes of injury, and prognoses as well as the future medical care that will be required. There are countless advantages to having an expert witness.

However, there are valid reasons to not rely on the testimony of expert witnesses in Cherry Hill car accidents cases. Sometimes an expert witness is not necessary to prove a case. Sometimes expert witnesses will complicate the case. Many times the key to telling somebody’s story is to keep it simple, so there are times when an expert witness is not necessary to prove the case.

What Else to Should Know About Expert Witnesses

Another thing to consider is that expert witnesses in Cherry Hill car accidents cases have varying costs, but add cost to the case. The client is often responsible for the cost of an expert after there is a recovery. Typically, contingency fee agreements say that costs will be advanced on behalf of the client, but if there is a recovery those costs would include the expert costs, which can be expensive and will deduct or reduce a client’s recovery. However, in New Jersey and under the fee agreements entered into, if there is no recovery, a client is typically not responsible for those costs of experts, however, they will increase the cost of the case.

Value of a Lawyer

In car accidents, it can be difficult to gauge the effects of the actual accident, on the individual. The value of expert witnesses in Cherry Hill car accidents cases is that they can validate claims made by the plaintiff and strengthen their case. If you were involved in a car accident in Cherry Hill,  your lawyer can look at the facts of your case and determine the necessity of an expert witness. Furthermore, a knowledgeable attorney can work hard to protect your rights and can fight for the best possible outcome for you.