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Tips for Driving In the Sun in Cherry Hill

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All states in the United States get at least a little bit of sunshine all year long, and New Jersey is no exception. Of course, all states get some cloudy and rainy days as well, but the fact remains that every day the sun rises and the sun sets. These times of the day can be especially dangerous for drivers which is why tips for driving in the sun in Cherry Hill can be so helpful. If you want to know how you can minimize the risk of getting into an accident while driving in the sun, consult a seasoned car accident lawyer.

Anticipating Glare

When the sun is at the horizon line it is at eye level, which means it can sometimes be all that drivers can see at the moment, blocking out pedestrians, other cars, and objects in the roadway. When drivers must drive during this time of day, it is important that they keep in mind some safety precautions so they can arrive at their destination safely.  Anticipating the glare is one of the best tips for driving in the sun in Cherry Hill a person can follow.

The risk of glare is present for most drivers until Daylight Savings Time ends in later fall, and in early fall glare is at its peak. During these times it is important for drivers to remember that the glare will be at its worst during the first 15 to 45 minutes of sunrise and sunset. If possible, driving at these times should be avoided. The visors that are installed in every car and a good pair of sunglasses are invaluable when driving into sun and glare.

Importance of a Clean Windshield

If driving during the first 15 minutes of sunrise and sunset cannot be avoided, it is important that drivers clean their windshield, inside and out, before heading out onto the road. Dirty spots and grime can magnify the glare that hits the windshield, making it even more difficult for drivers to see.

A cloth should be kept in the car at all times that can be used to wipe the interior of the windshield, and windshield washer fluid should be full at all times to clear away dirt that may build up while driving. It is also important to remember that just like the glass of the windshield needs to be clean and clear, so too do sunglasses, as dirt on these can also enhance glare and limit a driver’s visibility.

Other Steps an Individual Can Take

If the sun is going to be coming in through the driver’s side window, it is best for drivers to try and anticipate this as well and move the visor before driving. Doing so during the trip can distract the driver, and possibly even cause them to veer off the road or into oncoming traffic.

Driving into the sun should also be treated like driving in any other hazardous condition such as fog or rain. Because it can impair a driver’s ability to see, keeping the vehicle moving below the speed limit will increase space between vehicles and therefore, increase the driver’s reaction time. And just like when driving in fog and other dangerous conditions, headlights should be kept on at all times. This is especially true when driving during sunset. Headlights will help other drivers see the vehicle, but when the sun is setting, it will also be safer if it suddenly becomes darker when the driver does not need to remember to turn on their headlights.

Lastly, everyone knows that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Keeping this in mind when driving can help, as during the sunrise it may be best to find an alternate route that is not headed east; and when the sun is setting, to take a route that is not directly headed west. Even the few minutes a different route may offer while the sun is getting past that horizon line may save lives. If you want to know more about useful tips for driving in the sun in Cherry Hill, consult a car accident attorney today.