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Establishing Liability in Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Cases 

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Establishing liability in Cherry Hill slip and fall cases requires a qualified lawyer. Most slip and fall cases occur in commercial stores like clothing stores or food stores. They tend to be the common defendants because people frequently walk through them. Contact a professional attorney today to see learn how to establish liability.

Proving the Responsible Party

Lawyers have to prove what the property was at that area, who the store was, and who was responsible for the maintenance of the area where the dangerous condition occurred. How to prove liability depends on the dangerous condition and the nature of the fall. Cases require interrogatory depositions and evidence. It depends on the dangerous condition and the nature of the property.

Evidence to Establish Liability

Evidence to establish liability in Cherry Hill slip and fall cases include photographs, video surveillance, depositions, interrogatories, and anything that can show why the dangerous condition was there, how it was created, why the property owner did not have notice of it, and what they could have done differently to prevent it from happening.

Role of Witness Testimonies

An eyewitness, and not the actual injured party or the defendant, can be important to proving how long that dangerous condition existed and how visible it was. If talking about witness testimonies with regard to whether it is a defendant employee or the actual property owner, the testimony is going to be relevant in establishing why they did not correct this dangerous condition, and whether they aware of this condition, either actually or constructively.

Information to Corroborate Injury Claim

If they are able to, a person should take a photograph of what the dangerous condition was and look around to see how the condition occurred. If a person is at a commercial store, they want to report the claim to an employee, complete an incident report, and document their fall and the dangerous condition. That also triggers them to preserve evidence, such as video surveillance. If a person is able to, lawyers ask them to get photographs, report the claim, and most importantly, if they are hurt, get to a doctor or hospital for medical treatment.

How Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers Establish Liability

To establish liability in a Cherry Hill slip and fall case, an attorney will assess how the dangerous condition occurred. Every case is different, but lawyers use interrogatories, which are written questions that they propound upon the defendant. Notice to produce, which is also a written request, is sent to the defendant requiring them to produce certain documents. Lawyers take depositions of individuals involved to help prove what the dangerous condition was, why it was not corrected, and why this injured person was not warned of this dangerous condition. Contact a professional attorney today to learn more.

For example, if a person slips and falls on water on the floor in a supermarket and the person sees that that water was dripping from a refrigerator or a freezer there, lawyers would want to know that. It is important for trying to prove how the dangerous condition occurred and whether or not the defendants have notice of it. Any information they have about the dangerous condition, especially photographs, is important.