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Whenever a serious accident causes harm to a child, the first priority should always be to ensure they get the best possible medical care to minimize the long-term impact this incident has on their development. Once an injured child reaches maximum medical improvement, although, it may be wise to explore options for filing suit against the person or entity responsible for the undue harm, as comprehensive financial recovery could be just as important as physical recovery when it comes to preserving a child’s future prospects.

If your child recently sustained a serious injury because an adult acted negligently around them, you should consider scheduling a meeting with a local attorney sooner rather than later. While you may have more time to file suit on your child’s behalf than you would if you or another adult were the party who got hurt, retaining a skilled Cherry Hill injury lawyer and taking prompt legal action could still be key to maximizing your recovery.

Holding an Adult Liable for a Child’s Injury

Any person who assumes a duty to act responsibly under specific circumstances could bear liability for harm they cause by breaching that duty. In addition, an act or failure to act does not have to be intentional or malicious to qualify as negligence – in fact, most child injury claims involve accidents that no one meant to cause.

A Cherry Hill attorney could help pursue fair compensation for a child’s injury after any of the following types of accidents:

Notably, there are some circumstances under which an adult may bear civil responsibility for an injury to a child when they would not be liable for the same injury sustained by an adult. For example, landowners are expected to restrict access to “attractive nuisances” that could tempt children to trespass onto their property. Examples include construction equipment and swimming pools. A landowner who does not fulfill this obligation could be at fault for injuries suffered by a trespassing child.

Filing Deadlines for Child Injury Cases in Cherry Hill

Both pre-adolescent children and adolescents are still growing and developing both physically and cognitively, which unfortunately means that severe injuries experienced during childhood can often have lingering effects well into adulthood. Because of this, and because children under 18 cannot legally represent their own interests in civil court, state law generally grants child injury victims – or the parent(s) or guardian(s) acting on their behalf – up to two years after their 18 th birthday to pursue civil restitution.

There are a few additional rules and exceptions that may apply in unique circumstances – for instance, an injury sustained by a newborn baby due to negligence by a doctor assisting with childbirth. While these time limits give parents more time to prepare and file a lawsuit, it is abuseable to contact a child injury lawyer in our area as soon as possible to ensure the timely collection of evidence which may be lost or destroyed over time.

Ask a Cherry Hill Child Injury Attorney about Your Legal Options

Filing suit under any circumstances can be an intimidating prospect, but it can be especially stressful when your child’s future financial security and personal opportunities are on the line. Fortunately, help is available from experienced legal professionals who know how these types of cases work and have experience achieving positive results.

Consulting with a Cherry Hill child injury lawyer could give you answers to any questions or concerns that you may have about your potential claim. Call today to schedule a meeting.