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Cherry Hill Workers Compensation Case Mistakes

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Cherry Hill workers compensation case mistakes can include someone’s inability to recognize their injuries. Many times, individuals do not report the incident to their employer or seek medical treatment. The problem with this is that injuries can worsen over time and it may be too late to report an injury weeks or months after an accident.

That can be a problem because there is only a certain amount of time that someone has to report it. Those questioning the time period they can report their incident or seek medical attention should speak with an experienced workers compensation attorney.

Statute of Limitations for Workers Compensation Claim

The longer someone waits to say something about it or to tell their employer about it, they lose credibility. They create doubt in the employer’s mind that this is a real injury and that it actually happened on the job. Unfortunately, this occurs often and it is a common occurrence because people do not want to be out of work.

They do not want to bother with dealing with all the legalities of going through a claim and they do believe that it will get better and it is not a big deal, but it is a mistake that they shouldn’t make because the consequences can be harmful to their claim.

Not Reporting an Accident

The easiest way an attorney can help with Cherry Hill workers compensation case mistakes is educating the individual in the hopes of avoiding incriminating actions. The day an injured worker gets hurt, they should call an attorney and have a conversation about how to potentially handle their case.

Usually, the first thing an attorney tells someone inquiring about work-related injuries is to report it to the HR Department, their supervisor, foreman, or owner of the company. It is important to let them know of the incident immediately. The sooner the report is made, the easier it is for someone to obtain the compensation they deserve.

It can be critical to report accidents that occur at work, even if an employee does not believe their incident is a big deal. If it is a minor injury, there should be no issue discussing the facts of the incident with either a supervisor or an attorney. Workers compensation lawyers can help an individual begin a valuable conversation regarding their case and how someone chooses to proceed with their recovery.

Common Conditions in Workers’ Compensation Claims

The most common workers’ compensation claims typically result from orthopedic injuries or back injuries are a result of lifting or carrying heavy items. Nowadays in the healthcare field, nurses or people who work in nursing homes or hospitals where they are lifting patients or moving patients around in the bed, or suffering back injuries; there is quite a bit of that. Any kind of injury is covered as long as the injury occurs during employment. Orthopedic injuries are the most common. The physical activity of lifting and carrying that puts an unreasonable stress and strain on the body, falls, or people falling from different things like a ladder, a scaffold.

Workers’ Compensation Recovery Process

It can be critical to have an understanding of the recovery process to try avoiding Cherry Hill workers compensation case mistakes. In New Jersey, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier controls the medical treatment beginning to end. The injured worker does not have the right to choose their own doctor and send the bill for that treatment to the insurance company. If they decide to see their own doctor, they have to find another way to pay them because the workers’ compensation carrier in New Jersey will not pay any doctor other than the doctor that they choose.

In Pennsylvania, the right to control the medical treatment only lasts for 90 days. For the first 90 days, the Pennsylvania carrier would direct the medical treatment. After that, the injured worker is free to choose their own doctor and send the bill to the workers’ compensation company. The differences can be very significant from state to state and there are similar differences in every state in the country based upon however the individual state legislature developed their law.

Speaking with an Attorney Too Late

Distinguished personal injury attorneys can try helping and advising anyone who has been harmed by a work incident. If you have been hurt due to the negligence, inaction or malfunction from machinery or other employees, contact a skilled personal injury attorney. Skilled legal counsel can help you in your effort to avoid Cherry Hill workers compensation case mistakes and the consequences they provide.

An attorney is going to explain the process, explain the law and just to make them feel as comfortable as they can be and they are going to know that they are going to be there with them to work through it. The most important thing they can do is to educate them, and advise them, and then go through it with them together