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Cherry Hill Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

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In Cherry Hill, parking lot accidents are not uncommon at shopping centers and plazas. Often, these involve people backing out of spots or people striking pedestrians or people traveling too fast to the parking lots.

What differentiates them from other car accidents is people who are in parking lots have different responsibilities because they should know and expect there will be pedestrian traffic. There is a heightened duty for them to be alert for people walking around while in parking lots. Of course, in parking lots, the pedestrian has the right of way, and the motorist needs to be aware of it.

Private property may or may not change the analysis of the accident. There is something defective about the property or it is privately owned, such as a missing stop sign or confusing sign or some sort of control of traffic that causes or contributes to an accident or injury, then the private party may be responsible. If you found yourself in a similar situation, sustaining injuries due to the negligence of someone else, a distinguished accident lawyer can help. Contact a Cherry Hill parking lot accident right away.

Parking Lots Require Slower Speeds

People should expect parking lots to have more pedestrians and requires that people traveling and using their motor vehicles in parking lots to have a heightened awareness and be on alert for pedestrians. They should be traveling at slower speeds to make sure they are traveling safely in an area that has people on foot.

Role of Insurance Companies after a Parking Lot Crash

An insurance company treats parking lot accidents like every other crash. Their initial response is to deny any responsibility or responsibility of their insurer, whether it is in a parking lot or in a regular roadway.

Insurance companies look at the totality of the circumstances involved and then go to work on trying to minimize their exposure. That is why it is important to retain a Cherry Hill lawyer to help deal with an experienced insurance company after a parking lot crash.

Contributory Negligence Claims

If somebody is driving in a local parking lot, they should be on the lookout for pedestrians. Pedestrians in parking lots have a responsibility to be aware of their surroundings, not be distracted by their cell phones, and watch for oncoming traffic unless they are within a crosswalk. Contacting a parking lot crash attorney in Cherry Hill about contributory negligence may be vital to the future of a case.

It is very important for pedestrians as well as the people driving the cars in parking lots to be appropriately aware; it is reasonable under the circumstances. Otherwise, a pedestrian who is injured in an accident may be responsible for what is called comparative negligence, which also means that they might be partially responsible for the accident and then any damages they sustained. Under state law, their damages would be reduced by the percentage of their liability.

Hiring an Attorney

An individual should speak with a Cherry Hill parking lot accident lawyer who has local experience with respect to motor vehicle accidents on highways or in parking lots, they should find a firm and attorney who has the resources to be able to resist them. Most importantly, they should find somebody that they can trust and that communicates with them.

If you need help recovering from a crash in a parking lot, reach out to a dedicated team member for assistance. Call today to get started