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Calculating Damages in Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Actions

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Calculating damages in a wrongful death case could be considered to be a type of subjective analysis in most situations because everyone is affected differently. However, there are certain instances where an attorney may be able to hire an expert to indicate what the value of the loss of guidance or loss of companionship is.

If a case were to go to trial, a jury can award any amount of money that they feel would be fair in light of those losses on non-economic damages, but they may be able to hire experts to put values on those. Get in touch with a seasoned attorney for more information on calculating damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions.

Different Factors Quantifying the Loss of a Loved One

Calculating damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions, a person may want to begin with the economic loss because. This type of loss that is a quantifiable number that an individual can see and figure out how much their earning capacity was. The harder factor to analyze is the non-economic loss, the consortium, and the mentoring, and the parental responsibilities, and the guidance that would be provided. However, it is going to depend on who the loved one was.

If it was a parent, the children would have damages for the loss of guidance that they would have received from their parent for their entire life or vice-versa. If it was a parent who lost a child, it would be that loss of joy, that loss of companionship that they would have had with their children and with a spouse. Every case is different, but the damages considered is the relationship between the loved one and the deceased.

How is Future Loss of Income Income Calculated?

Loss of future income is calculated by taking in multiple factors:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Salary

These factors could potentially provide more information on what their career would have looked like has the person not passed away. An expert may have been able to determine how many more years a person could have worked, what their salary could shape up to be, and how their workload might have increased.

Expert Analysis

An expert could be a type of economist who would be qualified by the court as an expert in the field to be able to take all of these calculations into consideration and figure out what the total economic loss would be for the deceased’s projected work life.

One of the most interesting things about an expert is how they project room for growth by looking at the person’s education, by looking at the field that they work in and looking at comparable employees in that similar field to see how much that they can grow over their work life and what their salary would end up at throughout that work life. It is very common for an attorney to work with an expert when calculating damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions.

Loss of a Companion

When calculating damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions, an expert may look into the loss of a companion. They could first look at the relationship between the deceased and the loved one, whether it was a spouse, a child, a parent, etc. They may then also look at what type of contributions were being made to the household by that deceased person.

Then the surviving members economic status may be analyzed in terms of how they will be able to provide with themselves and live the rest of their lives without the guidance and companionship and help of this deceased individual.

Allowing a Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Attorney To Help

When someone is dealing with the loss of a loved one, the biggest element of damages is that loss of companionship. It is not usually about the economic loss, it is not about the wages that this person was providing to the family as much as they would give anything to have one more day with that person.

To lose that companionship and that ability to just call that loved one on the phone, to go see that loved one when they want to see them, to talk to them when they want to talk to them and that being taken from the individual because someone else was negligent, that becomes the element of the damages in these types of cases. An attorney can help alleviate some of these stresses by focusing on that case itself. Seek out the assistance of a dedicated wrongful death lawyer for help in calculating damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions.