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Doctors and other healthcare providers are trusted to prescribe the appropriate medications and doses to help treat their patients’ conditions and alleviate symptoms. Likewise, pharmacists are relied upon by patients to provide proper filling of prescriptions. Unfortunately, medication errors are among the most common types of medical negligence by hospitals and pharmacies in and around Cherry Hill.

A medication error which occurs as the result of another person’s negligence could entitle you or a loved one to compensation for any losses you subsequently sustained. Prescription mistakes could result in severe injury, illness, or even death, but hospitals and pharmacies will be eager to avoid liability in all cases, so it is advisable to seek representation from an experienced Cherry Hill medication error lawyer to protect your legal rights.

Common Types of Medication Errors in Cherry Hill

Prescription errors and other negligent acts involving medication are unfortunately common in Cherry Hill. Many of these errors involve some type of negligence by a healthcare provider or other individual handling the prescription or medication. For instance, common causes of errors involving medication include:

  • Prescribing an unnecessary medication
  • Prescribing the wrong dosage
  • Failing to provide directions or providing incorrect directions for taking the medication
  • Prescribing medication to an allergic patient
  • Prescribing a medication that interacts adversely with a patient’s existing medications in a foreseeable way
  • Administering medications in the wrong manner or technique

Negligent medication errors could result in severe injuries or death. To establish a claim for malpractice against a medical provider, it is critical to determine the cause of the prescription error. A seasoned medication mistake lawyer could investigate a case to determine the cause of the error.

Potentially Liable Parties in Medication Error Claims

Throughout the process of prescribing medication, filling the prescription, and administering the drug, there is potential for errors or wrongdoing. When a doctor-patient relationship is formed, the doctor is responsible for ensuring that any medication prescribed to them is medically necessary, appropriate for their medical condition, the correct dosage, and prescribed for the correct amount of time. Therefore, doctors are typically one of the first parties to be investigated for a medication error claim.

Additionally, other healthcare providers such as nurses and medical technicians could be responsible for incorrectly administering prescribed medication to an individual. Another common party that could be potentially liable for medication mistake is the pharmacist, who is tasked with filling and providing the prescription. Along with the individuals who might have made a medication error, the hospitals, pharmacies, or other businesses involved could also be liable for damages resulting from prescription errors.

Regardless of the circumstances of a medication error case, identifying potentially liable parties will likely be a complex task. For that reason, a well-versed Cherry Hill medication error attorney could make the difference in holding responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

Statute of Limitations for Medication Error Cases

The deadline for filing a case in state court for medical negligence is known as the state statute of limitations. Under state law, the statute of limitations for claims related to a medication error is generally two years from the date that the error occurred, or from the date that a link between the mistake and ensuing damages was discovered or should have been reasonably discovered. However, this deadline could be shortened or extended depending on the facts of the case.

Failure to comply with the statute of limitations could cause an injured or sick patient to miss out on compensation for the damages they sustained due to a medication error. A dedicated Cherry Hill attorney could help ensure that an individual does not miss out on the chance to seek fair compensation for the consequences of a medication error.

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The harm sustained from a medication error could be immense and leave you or a loved one with significant medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and overall pain and suffering. Although you might believe liability is clear cut, medical malpractice cases involving prescription mistakes are notorious for becoming extremely complex. A knowledgeable Cherry Hill medication error lawyer could help advocate for your best interests in and out of court. Schedule a case evaluation with our team now.

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