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Cherry Hill Rear-End and Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

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Any type of car accident in Cherry Hill can have a serious impact and affect those involved in many ways. A common type of car accident, a rear-end collision, under Cherry Hill law is self-explanatory in the sense that if a person is hit from behind it is considered a rear-end collision. A side-impact collision under Cherry Hill law is when somebody is inside of their car that was run into by the front of another vehicle. That is either a side-impact or “T-bone” accident.

If you have been in a rear-end collision or a side-impact collision, an experienced Cherry Hill car accident lawyer can assist you in filing a claim. An auto accident lawyer can help a client in a collision by first making sure they get the right medical care and receive all the benefits they are entitled to under the insurance policy.

Rear-End Collisions

Cherry Hill is a congested and heavily traveled area. The roadways are congested and there are many people commuting to and from the city and traveling on major thoroughfares. Commonly, rear-end collisions are caused by people traveling too fast, or being distracted, or impaired. They are common accidents that happen up and down the corridors in Cherry Hill.

Establishing Liability

Generally, with a rear-end collision in Cherry Hill, the driver has struck somebody in front of them and is responsible, because under the law they are required to keep a safe distance at all times. However, there are circumstances where the driver that has been struck may bear some responsibility, for example, if the driver was not using a turn signal, has defective brake lights, or was not acting as a reasonable driver under the circumstances.

Experienced Cherry Hill lawyers will rely on their knowledge of the locality of to help determine fault in a rear-end collision and side-impact collision, the use of private investigators to obtain witness statements, as well as their understanding of the local area if and when a trial is necessary to be able to speak to a local jury.

Side-Impact Collisions

When somebody is in a side-impact collision, the first thing they need to do is get appropriate medical care and then immediately retain an attorney who can start to preserve or protect evidence, deal with the insurance companies, and protect that individual’s rights.

Common Effects of Side-Impact Collisions

Typically with side-impact collisions, there is significant damage to the vehicles involved as well as the deployment of airbags which may cause additional damage to the individual in the car. Airbags are great, but sometimes they cause more damage, depending on the degree of impact. Side-impact collisions or T-bone collisions happen all the time because somebody has run a red light, has not yielded at a yield or a stop sign, was distracted, was drunk driving, or tries to beat the light that is changing. These are various fact patterns.

Recovering Damages

In a side-impact collision, people injured are entitled to pursue economic damages, non-economic damages, and depending on the factual circumstances, potentially punitive damages. Non-economic damages for rear-end collisions or side-impact collisions include things such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, or impairment. Economic damages include medical bills, expenses, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses incurred, and property damage incurred. Punitive damages result when there is egregious conduct, they are meant to punish the responsible party.

Importance of An Auto Accident Attorney

Most people that have been involved in a rear-end collision or side-impact collision in Cherry Hill have never been through such a situation. They can be asked a lot of questions and can easily take advantage of by an experienced insurance company that deals with these issues all the time. That is why it is important for somebody involved in a car accident to contact an attorney who has the same amount of experience as the insurance companies in dealing with these issues.

The attorney can also make sure evidence is preserved and protected. Finally, the attorney can help deal with insurance companies to obtain or maximize the result without a lawsuit being filed and, if necessary, file a lawsuit and take the case away to the verdict to maximize somebody’s recovery.