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Cherry Hill Bicycle Accident Injuries

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Cherry Hill bicycle accident injuries can be caused by multiple factors the impact itself. When someone is thrown from a bicycle, the way that that person lands can cause broken bones to the upper and lower extremities, broken ribs, pelvis, sternum. Broken bones can happen to any part of the body in a bicycle accident. If broken bones do not heal properly, this will cause permanent complications, and it will affect that person for the rest of their life. Experienced bicycle accident lawyers have seen that the biggest complication is if a broken bone does not heal properly.

Common Bike Injuries

Common Cherry Hill bicycle accident injuries often involve the head. When a bicycle is hit by a motor vehicle or a truck and the person is knocked off the bike, this usually causes head injuries as the most serious. Other common injuries would be cuts, bruises, orthopedic injuries, broken bones, and fractures. The bicycle rider is exposed and does not have the same protection they would have in a car. Bicyclists do not have the protection that a motor vehicle would give. Just the car body alone supplies certain protection. A bicyclist can suffer more severe injuries even at a low rate of speed due to their exposure and lack of protection.

Severity of a Bike Accident

Because that person is not protected by a vehicle and is exposed, other than broken bones and head injuries, there will be a lot of lacerations, cuts, bruises, road rash, and things of that nature, as well as injuries to the spine. Spinal injuries may not be evident or visible but injuries to the disks in the spine, whether they are herniations or protrusions, or compression fractures, those things tend to happen as well because the human body is not meant to move the way they move after someone gets involved in a bicycle accident. There is nothing to protect the bicyclist, even a low-speed impact can result in serious injuries. A minor fender bender between two cars may not cause serious injuries, but there really is no such thing as a minor fender bender when a bicyclist gets hit by a car. That is why the injuries tend to be more significant.

Role of a Medical Professional

A doctor is going to treat Cherry Hill bicycle accident injuries regardless if it is a car accident or a bicycle accident. The type of incident that caused this injury could lead to the detection of other injuries. If the doctor knows it was a bicycle accident, they would have more focus on possible head/brain trauma injury sustained and be more on the lookout for that. Once the doctor makes a diagnosis, the injury or the condition will be treated the same way. The cause of to the trauma will not change the way they treat the injury itself. It is important for individuals to receive proper medical treatment, both for their well-being and recovery and to help with a claim down the road.