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Refusing Medical Treatment after a Cherry Hill Truck Accident

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For anyone who has been injured in a commercial vehicle accident in Cherry Hill, it is important to get checked out by a medical provider. A lot of times, injuries do not manifest until a day or two later, and sometimes, a person may not feel different at the scene of the trucking accident, but certain testing, including CT scans, can detect injuries that really are an emergency but which a person just does not feel the effects of.

It is a mistake to refuse medical treatment at the time of a Cherry Hill truck accident, and it is best to get checked out as soon as possible. If a person fails to get medical treatment right away, it can be used against them by the insurance companies to suggest that they were not badly injured. A local truck crash attorney could help you avoid this and other mistakes to better help your case for compensation moving forward.

Motivation to Refuse Treatment

Some individuals refuse to get medical treatment following a truck crash because they do not appreciate the significance of their injuries. They may also refuse to get medical treatment because they think they won’t be able to afford it.

This is a mistake because, many times, truck collision injuries require immediate attention even though a person may not feel any differently. The other important part of getting an exam immediately after a commercial vehicle accident is to document everything that a person is feeling so that down the road, if that person does make a claim, their attorney can use the medical evidence to prove why their client’s injuries are still affecting them. In other words, an experienced lawyer would use an injured person’s medical records after a truck wreck to quantify their compensable damages in a subsequent lawsuit.

Following up on Treatment

A lot of times, people do not follow their doctor’s advice or follow up with medical treatment after a Cherry Hill truck accident, and this is used by insurance companies to deny or minimize a claim for compensation. Refusing a doctor’s advice is a big mistake following a trucking accident. A lot of people do not follow the doctor’s advice because they do not understand who is going to be paying the medical bills, or they think that missing time from work will prevent them from getting the medical treatment that has been requested or recommended by a doctor. The problem is that anytime someone does not follow a doctor’s orders, that will be used to devalue their claim.

Many times, insurance companies will use a person’s refusal to follow doctor’s advice after a Cherry Hill truck accident as a contributing factor to the injury they are claiming was caused by this accident. So it can have a significant and negative impact on a person’s case if they do not follow a doctor’s orders. Individuals should consult with legal counsel immediately to learn their rights and the pros and cons of not following a doctor’s advice after a truck wreck.