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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims in Cherry Hill

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Rest assured that denied workers’ compensation claims in Cherry Hill can still be salvaged after an insurance company refuses to offer coverage. A determined attorney can offer their assistance to individuals facing a workers’ comp claim denial by submitting a petition to the court and filing motions to fight the decision. Using their experience, a professional lawyer can help those facing denied workers’ compensation claims in Cherry Hill through skilled representation and fierce advocacy. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated attorney could make a difference in your workers’ comp claim today.

What Must Exist for an Insurance Company to Approve a Claim?

An insurance company would accept a workers’ compensation claim if it was clear that the injury occurred on the job and was disabling to some extent. As long as an individual’s injury happened on the job, it gives rise to a valid claim. However, denied workers’ compensation claims in Cherry Hill may come about based on the course and scope of one’s employment or their lack of locational jurisdiction. There are some deviations that may give rise to a valid defense by the insurance company. This could include if an employee suffered an injury while commuting to work or when they temporarily removed their self from the employment relationship.

Steps to Take after Receiving a Workers’ Comp Claim Denial

An individual facing a denied workers’ compensation claim should speak to an experienced Cherry Hill attorney as soon as possible regarding their situation. A professional lawyer can file a claim petition. Depending on the reason for the denial, an attorney may also be able to file various motions with the judge to make the insurance company pay. Ultimately, if it is still a problem after taking these actions, it will be determined at trial. It is important to remember that with workers’ compensation claims, legal assistance will not cost anything unless there is a successful recovery.

Future Medical Treatment

To make sure future medical treatment is not denied, an injured employee should carefully monitor their condition, ensure that they cooperate with the authorized doctors, and follow their instructions. An individual does not want to be in a position to miss appointments, because the insurance companies may think that they do not really need the treatment. Simply complying with those offering the medical treatment can greatly help to prevent denied workers’ compensation claims in Cherry Hill.

Fighting Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims in Cherry Hill

In order to prevent denied workers’ compensation claims in Cherry Hill, an employee must have substantial, credible evidence to back up their story in the form of medical records and a report of the injury to one’s employer. In addition, the presence of witnesses and their testimony can be very valuable in proving these claims. If you have received a denied workers’ compensation claim in Cherry Hill, know that there are legal options available to you with the help of a professional injury attorney. Consider reaching out to a dedicated lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.