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Cherry Hill Head-On Collision Lawyer

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In Cherry Hill, New Jersey, there are major roadways that intersect and it is a major area that people travel to commute to Philadelphia and other surrounding areas. As a result, head-on collisions occur frequently, because there are many opportunities for cars to cross over lanes of travel and cause head-on collisions.

If you were involved in a head-on collision with another driver, contacting an experienced auto accident lawyer can give you peace of mind following your accident and help you file an injury claim. A Cherry Hill head on collision lawyer can advise you on the appropriate next steps based on the facts of your case.

Assigning Fault after a Front-End Crash

Every head-on collision case is unique and the facts are critical to determining who is responsible, who had the right of way, who was doing the appropriate speed, and who was acting reasonable under the circumstances. Since every case is distinct, it is important to find an experienced head-on collision attorney in who can gather the facts and preserve evidence.

Factors Taken Into Account

The speed of the driver is one factor to consider when determining responsibility or liability for a head-on collision case in addition to who had the right of way, the location of the impact, the condition of the roadway, as well as any evidence of braking. Those are the types of things that are considered in local front-end accident cases. The speed is also important since it can help determine whether or not somebody was driving above the speed limit or recklessly. The location of the impact will determine who had the right of way before the head-on crash. Other factors would include impaired or distracted driving.

Injuries Associated with Front-End Accidents

In any case involving an injury from an accident, head-on or otherwise, people must follow their doctor’s advice. The reason the individual goes to a doctor is because they are experts in their field and can help when assessing any potential injuries after a collision. Failure to follow the doctor’s advice can result in more physical injury to the person and may be used against that individual when a claim is made against another insurance company or another driver after the head-on collision. The fact that the person did not follow their doctor’s advice will be used against that person.

The dynamics of a head-on collision typically result in catastrophic injuries, especially brain damage. Typically, head-on collisions will result in airbags being deployed, which could cause additional damages, like facial lacerations, broken facial bones, and hearing damage. Thus, head-on collisions typically result in serious injuries, thereby warranting the assistance of a Cherry Hill head-on collision lawyer.

Punitive Damages

In front-end wreck cases, punitive damages are reserved for when egregious conduct results in an injury. Egregious conduct that justifies punitive damages is typically reckless conduct or intentional conduct. Punitive damages could be supported by somebody driving on a highway impaired, whether by alcohol or drugs, or driving at an excessively high rate of speed through congested areas. These types of actions demonstrate a reckless disregard for the rights of others and typically warrant punitive damages. A seasoned Cherry Hill lawyer could help someone pursue punitive damages after a head-on collision.

Contacting a Cherry Hill Head-On Collision Attorney

An attorney involved in a head-on collision case will first protect and preserve the evidence. This may be protecting and preserving physical evidence of the head-on collision, whether it is the automobiles, as well as obtaining witness statements and preserving testimony before memories fade. Other things they will do is assist in making sure that the injured party from the head-on collision is getting the appropriate treatment that they are entitled to and that their insurance policies are being paid. Cherry Hill head on collision lawyers are always dealing directly with the insurance companies to make sure their clients are protected, and all their rights are being preserved and afforded.

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