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Cherry Hill Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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There are many injuries that an individual may suffer in a motorcycle accident. The most common impairments that occur after a motorcycling accident include severe injuries to the head, the brain, and the bones. Many motorcyclists involved in accidents sustain head and traumatic brain injuries because there is very little protection from the road during a collision with another motor vehicle.

An attorney also often sees injuries in the form of road rash, lacerations, and broken bones, because of the high speeds at which the individuals are moving. They are often hit and thrown from the bike, and unless they are wearing a helmet, there is no other protection on their body when they hit the asphalt. Because of the vulnerability an individual is susceptible to while riding a motorcycle, there are many types of injuries that are sustained by riders in Cherry Hill.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury is common in a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident case. It could be as minor as a concussion, or could be as severe as a brain injury that results in permanent dysfunction. The reason that this can occur in a motorcycle accident is because the motorcyclist is being thrown from their bicycle, and many times they suffer a strike to their head. This impact can occur in a collision with the concrete, asphalt, or the other vehicle.

It is very important after a motorcycle accident to get the proper doctors to treat any injuries sustained. Some of the things that an individual should look out for after an injury in a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident is if they are having difficulty concentrating, are sensitive to bright lights, have difficulty forming words, or elements of the sort.

This is important to note because these traumatic brain injuries can be permanent and severely impact every aspect of someone’s life, both personal and professional.

Aggravating Injuries

Many times, the speed of the vehicle indicates the severity of the injuries involved in a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident. For instance, if an individual is traveling 45 miles an hour and a vehicle pulls out in front of them and they do not see them, the motorcyclist will be thrown at that speed. When they hit the asphalt, there is the possibility that they will be severely injured.

Broken Bones

There are many types of broken bones that can be sustained in a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident. Some of these injuries are minor, such as broken bones that can heal a few weeks after being in a cast. However, there are other broken bones that are broken so severely that they require very intrusive surgeries, sometimes involving the insertion of plates and screws, and in the worst case, resulting in the permanent loss of a body part.

The specific injuries that can result from a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident can severely impact someone’s life. If they lose partial or full use of an arm or a leg, that will impact many elements of their life.