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Cherry Hill Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

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As defined by state law, neglect in a nursing home is characterized by the staff not providing the level of care that they should provide to their resident. This could mean that they are not feeding them properly, not changing them properly, or not providing the type of assistance that is needed.

Every resident, when they come into a facility, has an analysis done of what type of care they need, whether they are a high risk for falls, what type of medicines they need, and more. Abusive neglect happens when the staff does not follow those particular protocols. When that neglect results in injury or illness to a resident, that is an abusive nursing home situation that needs to be looked at. If that neglect has deviated from what the normal standard of care should have been in that setting, the affected resident and their family may have legal recourse against the nursing home.

If you or your loved one has experienced nursing home neglect, an experienced attorney could help. Let a Cherry Hill nursing home neglect lawyer review how local laws apply to your case and assist in the process of filing a claim.

Common Examples of Neglect

One of the most common examples of neglect is bedsores. A resident who is elderly and unable to move out of their bed, into their bed, or in different positions on their bed needs to be constantly rotated, moved, and taken off of those areas to avoid pressure sores and ulcers. If nursing home staff is not following proper procedures, they are effectively neglecting their residents and can cause horrific injuries.

Neglect also comes in the form of malnutrition. Not feeding residents properly and failing to make sure that they have gotten their proper medications can lead to severe to malnutrition. A lot of times, the elderly residents in nursing homes are high risk for falls and are supposed to be constantly monitored or, if they are walking around, to have assistance. That does not always happen, and falls occur that should never have occurred.

Cherry Hill lawyers often see cases where nursing homes are mostly operating like a business by trying to maximize their profits. Maximizing profits usually includes understaffing their facility and hiring staff that are not adequately trained. This understaffing and inadequate training results in deviations from the standard of care and instances of neglect. If they were hiring the necessary amount of people and qualified individuals, this would not happen, but because they look at it as a business and attempt to maximize their profit, they do not always do right by their residents.

Neglect in nursing homes can also result in death. Death and injuries resulting from falling and hitting their heads and broken hips are severe examples of nursing home neglect. Contacting a Cherry Hill lawyer can hold the responsible nursing home accountable for their neglect by conducting an investigation, consulting expert witnesses, and filing a strong claim.

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