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Steps to Take Following a Cherry Hill Bicycle Accident

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The first and most important step to take following a Cherry Hill bicycle accident is seeking a proper medical assessment. If the person is injured and they are at the scene they should receive appropriate medical treatment, whether by an EMS crew, at an emergency room or physician’s office. The person should make sure they are getting to the appropriate doctors to help with pain and to help evaluate the person’s injuries.

Following this medical treatment, the person should contact an attorney immediately because they will begin to hear from the insurance company for the other driver, who will attempt to get recorded statements from the person. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you have an experienced bike accident attorney who has handled similar cases and have an understanding of how to protect the person’s rights.

Role of Insurance

In New Jersey, if the person has car insurance following a Cherry Hill bicycle accident, it will most likely be responsible for paying the medical bills, even though the vehicle was not at all involved in the accident. If the person needs immediate medical attention that has to take priority. It is important to make sure everyone else involved is safe. The person would want to contact the police so they can come out and write a report. The person would want to obtain information from the driver who caused the accident and the police officer will help the person do that as well.

If the person needs medical treatment, they should report this accident to their insurance company immediately and the person will get a claim number to allow them to begin medical treatment. It is not recommended that the person reports claim to the other driver’s insurance company. That is something an attorney should do because the person should not give a recorded statement since they are the adverse party. The other insurance company does not have the person’s best interest in mind, so a lawyer should handle it.

Contacting a Lawyer without Insurance

There are so many little factors that go into the events following a Cherry Hill bicycle accident, whether it is who is responsible for the medical bills, who is responsible for the lost wages and who is responsible for the person’s injuries, pain, and suffering. If the person is physically capable of contacting an attorney, do it as quickly as possible so they can ensure a person’s rights are protected and appropriate people are paying the medical bills.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Contacting a lawyer following a Cherry Hill bicycle accident is important whether you do or do not have insurance.Whether or not the individual will have medical bills paid by the other driver who caused the accident, or whether the person has to go through the State of New Jersey will be dependent on the individual’s circumstances.

New Jersey has what is called NJPLIGA, it stands for New Jersey Property Liability and Guarantee Association. They sometimes have to step in and pay the person’s medical bills, so there are a lot of factors that can go into it. If a person does not have insurance and needs medical treatment because they are injured in a bicycle accident, the person should call a lawyer so they can evaluate the claim and figure out who is responsible for the person’s medical bills.

A person should not try to handle a bicycle accident themselves because of the confusion that surrounds who is responsible for medical bills and who is responsible for the medical treatment. It is very difficult, there are different laws that apply. Most importantly, sometimes there are time restrictions that are placed, and if the person does not give proper notice within the time frame, they can be barred from evaluating a claim.