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Medical Attention Mistakes After Car Accidents in Cherry Hill

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Refusing immediate medical attention or treatment can hurt a person’s car accident case in Cherry Hill. Many people make the mistake of trying to not deal with the issue because they have been shaken up. Insurance companies like to use a delay in getting treatment as a defense as if somehow the person was not really hurt.

It is important in a car accident not to refuse medical treatment, to get checked out, and to follow the doctor’s advice. For answers to your questions about medical attention mistakes after car accidents in Cherry Hill, consult with an experienced car accident attorney.

Refusal to Follow Instructions from a Medical Professional

It is critical that the individual follows a doctor’s advice after being in an accident. Seeing a doctor is important because they are an expert and if the person does not follow advice, the person runs the risk of doing greater damage to their body. It is critical that medical attention mistakes after car accidents in Cherry Hill are avoided because individuals should be caring for their bodies and it can impact the person’s case down the road.

The person also runs the risk of damaging their ability to make a recovery in a claim or a lawsuit because an insurance company or defendant will point out that the person’s failure to follow their doctor’s advice may have caused the person more injury. They will try to prove that the person’s failure to follow the doctor’s advice was unreasonable and caused the person more injury and this will make it much more difficult to resolve the person’s case.

Many times, people do not properly receive medical care because they are not sure who is going to be paying for it. They may be having issues with their insurance company in accepting the responsibility of paying for the treatment. It is also possible that they went to a doctor who simply did not want to treat victims in motor vehicle accidents. An experienced attorney can help an individual understand their rights, avoid common medical attention mistakes in Cherry Hill accidents, and help them find doctors who are willing to accept automobile insurance.

Danger of Not Consulting an Attorney

Outside of medical attention mistakes following a Cherry Hill accident, there are many other mistakes that can include making legal statements without the help and guidance of a trusted attorney. People should never give statements to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting an attorney. Insurance companies are experienced and their adjusters are trained to ask questions in such a way that will negatively impact any claim that the person would make.

Typically, insurance companies like to get a hold of people quickly before they have an opportunity to fully appreciate their damages, fully appreciate their rights, and before they have an opportunity to talk to an attorney. The insurance company will do whatever it can to try to record these people and ultimately, any recordings can be used against them when there are any inconsistencies and future claims or testimony. An individual should speak to an attorney so they understand they have rights and they are not required to give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company.