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Filing a Truck Accident Claim in Cherry Hill

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If you were hurt in a commercial truck accident and are unable to resolve your claims with the insurance company, you may need to file a formal complaint to begin the litigation process under New Jersey law. An attorney at our firm could guide you through the complex process of filing a truck accident claim in Cherry Hill. Let a member of our team help maximize your chances of success.

First Steps of a Commercial Truck Crash Claim

If someone has been in a truck accident, the first thing they need to do is to get the right medical attention. The next thing they need to do is contact an attorney who is experienced in handling trucking accident claims. A lawyer would file a claim to package the information that they have gathered and submit it to the insurance company to attempt to resolve it without formal litigation. If a claim cannot be resolved, an attorney may file a complaint against the other truck driver at fault in an attempt to collect the injured person’s complete damages.

Where to File a Semi-Truck Collision Claim

A person injured in a truck accident in Cherry Hill can file two formal complaints, one in Camden County and one with the New Jersey State court. Additional causes of action may exist in other counties in New Jersey depending on where the injured person lives, where the truck driver lives, and where their company is located. Because of these variables, it is best to discuss your best course of action with a well-versed lawyer who understands how to file a successful truck crash claim.

Important Steps to Take when Filing a Truck Wreck Claim

When filing a truck accident claim in Cherry Hill, it is crucial to get the appropriate medical care. After proper medical treatment is administered, an injured person can begin protecting their rights by taking photographs of the damages — to themselves and to their property — and the accident scene, as well as by recording any information they remember about witnesses or how the accident happened. It is equally as important to follow the doctor’s advice and make sure to not talk to the insurance companies or with the other driver before discussing the matter with a local lawyer.

Negotiating a Settlement after a Cherry Hill Truck Accident Claim is Filed

Once a complaint is filed for a Cherry Hill truck accident, an attorney would help pursue that claim against the defendant, their employer, and their insurance company. It is worth noting, however, that filing a formal claim for a truck accident case in Cherry Hill does not end or cease negotiations outside of court. There is always an opportunity to settle the claim or the complaint while mediation continues. This is something that depends on numerous factors, such as the type of accident that occurred, the type of injury that has been sustained, the actual insurance company involved, and the experience of the insurance adjuster involved.

These are all issues that affect whether or not a trucking collision claim may be settled even after it has been formally filed. Negotiations can continue after a case is filed, and that is typically done. Regardless of how your case progresses, it is important to have a Cherry Hill attorney help file a truck accident claim. Call our firm for the professional help and guidance you need.