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Pedestrian Accidents Involving Runners in Cherry Hill

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Cherry Hill has an extensive running and biking community, as well as many other athletic communities. It is very common to see individuals running on the roadways, which is why it is important for operators of motor vehicles to be alert to pedestrians, to help minimize the risks to runners on Cherry Hill’s roadways.

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident while running in Cherry Hill, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney could gather the elements of the case to help craft an effective strategy.

Running Zones

There are some roadways within Cherry Hill that have extra wide lanes on the side of the road that pedestrians can occupy. There are also some parks or lanes that are specifically made for runners. Sometimes, there is a crossover in motor vehicle law involving traffic patterns or roadways where the drivers need to be extra careful of runners.

Dangerous Driving Behaviors

One behavior that may put runners at risk of a pedestrian accident in Cherry Hill is distracted driving. This can occur whether a driver is looking at their cell phone, tuning a radio station, or eating a sandwich.

Also, drivers who do not keep their vehicles in proper working order, whether it be having a headlight out or some other issue, may put runners at risk for a pedestrian accident.

At-Risk Running Behaviors

Runners who fail to yield to the rules of the road put themselves at risk for being involved in a pedestrian accident in Cherry Hill. This is especially true when a person wears dark clothing at night. Runners must respect the rules of the road and share the roadway with motorists.

After the Accident

Runners who are involved in a pedestrian accident in Cherry Hill should get appropriate medical care and follow their doctor’s advice. Once they do that, they should contact an experienced attorney so they can protect their rights and have evidence preserved. This is so that, as time goes forward, the damages can be protected and analyzed.

Preventative Measures

To best prevent pedestrian injuries, runners on the roadway need to be aware of their surroundings. They must refrain from looking at their cell phone and should pay attention to where they are going at all times. They must use crosswalks where appropriate and must follow traffic control devices.

Safety on the roadways is a shared responsibility between motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrians at night need to understand that they are going to be more difficult to see. They should have a heightened responsibility to be more cautious when crossing roadways.

Lastly, everybody should have emergency contacts in their phone and information about their health conditions, should they need them. After a pedestrian accident occurs, an injured runner will need to find the right medical providers and follow their advice. For more advice and insight on pedestrian accidents involving runners in Cherry Hill, get in touch with member of well-versed legal team today.