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Common Cherry Hill Birth Injury Malpractice Symptoms 

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It is important to look out for common Cherry Hill birth injury malpractice symptoms. Symptoms that could be immediately present are issues with the baby’s vital signs, difficulty with the baby breathing, abnormal scores tested or performed after birth, or abnormal lab studies showing other types of potentially devastating medical issues with the newborn. If you have witnessed these symptoms in your newborn, contact a professional attorney immediately.

If Symptoms Become Apparent Later On

The statute of limitation for a birth injury, specifically a birth injury is until the child’s 13th birthday. For other types of injuries, it could be up until the child’s 20th birthday. If injuries do not immediately manifest themselves after birth, there still could be additional time to explore and pursue claims. Parents need to look out for common symptoms of Cherry Hill birth injury malpractice.

Legal Claims Available

If malpractice is suspected, the parents of the child, on the child’s behalf, will have claims for the child’s economic damages which would  be past or future medical care as well as claims for themselves with the care that will be required to take care of their newborn. They would be able to bring these on their child’s behalf: claims for pain and suffering, disability, impairment, and the loss of enjoyment of life. Those are non-economic damages.

Birth Injury and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy typically involves the brain not receiving the appropriate amount of oxygen.During the birthing process, if the child is not receiving the appropriate amount of oxygen, damage to the brain could occur. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are catastrophic and there could be indications during the birthing process. A mistake is made and then a family becomes aware of it or results of studies after birth demonstrates that a mistake was made.

Common symptoms of cerebral palsy are any sort of manifestation that demonstrates the lack of oxygen to the brain could be imaging studies, blood work, or other physical manifestations that demonstrate an impairment of the brain that results from the lack of oxygen.

Birth Injury and Erb’s Palsy

If improper technique or force is used during the delivery, damage can be done to the nerves near the neck that gives rise to the nerves of the arm. If there is damage done to this area of the body, the nerves can cause dysfunction in the movement of the arm and other problems.

Testing can be performed in the specific areas of the nerves to determine whether or not they demonstrate damage. There would also be functional limitations with the child’s use of their upper extremities, so that would be evidence and symptoms of common Cherry Hill birth injuries caused by malpractice.

How Injuries Occur

The injuries can occur from doctors using too much force during the delivery, doctors delaying and performing the delivery, doctors failing to properly monitor the mother of the newborn during the labor process, doctors administering the wrong doses of medication to mothers during the labor process, and post-delivery issues could also occur if the baby is not properly monitored. These are common in Cherry Hill birth injury malpractice cases.

How Parents Know About Birth Injuries

There are different ways parents may know about birth injuries. They may be aware during the birthing process of either issues or things that were said that would give them an indication that something went wrong. There are also tests that are performed immediately after delivery that may indicate there are issues with the newborn. There is additional testing that could be performed in days and weeks, months, and even years in the child’s development that may be indicative something happened during the birthing process. It is important for parents to stay vigilant about common symptoms of Cherry Hill birth injury malpractice.

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