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Cherry Hill Survival Action Case Process

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The time following the passing of a loved one could be hectic and frustrating, especially in the case of a wrongful death. Although the claims are different, wrongful death and survival action claims may be tied in together because an individual could file both. Each claim could also be litigated together because each claim may involve similar facts.

Regarding survival action cases, several steps could be taken to begin the process of filing a claim and getting what you deserve. When filing a claim for a survival action, both the estate of the deceased and the family may need to jointly decide how to proceed, which could be an issue as well. A wrongful death attorney could help to explain the Cherry Hill survival action case process to you and begin to build your case for a suitable result. Contact a compassionate personal injury lawyer as soon as possible that could help start your progress.

First Steps in Initiating A Survival Action Cases

The first thing that may need to be done in the Cherry Hill survival action case process is to gather evidence to determine who could be at fault in this incident. In order to initiate a survival action case, a lawsuit may need to be filed. This could be accomplished by drafting a complaint which could get filed in the appropriate civil court depending on which county of New Jersey it is filed in. After that complaint is filed, it is going to be served to the defendant.

For a strong case, liability may need to be proven, as well as the damages of the incident assessed. After a complaint is filed, the discovery process may begin. In the discovery process, the interrogatories are answered, which are written questions regarding the case, and depositions may be conducted.

Use of a Will in the Survival Action Case Process

In a survival action, if there is a will, the will may need to be probated so an executor can be named. The will may name an executor and that person may be put in charge of the survival action.

If there is no will, an administrator may need to be named and he or she would be in charge of the survival action. That individual could be the one who makes decisions along with the attorney who is representing the estate and the deceased individual in the particular survival action.

Civil Court Versus Private Negotiations

Both parties, the family, and the estate could attempt to agree on a settlement amount, or go into mediation to resolve the case. If both sides could not agree on an amount that he or she feels is fair, the case would go to civil litigation.

Contacting a Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Attorney

Communication between you and a caring attorney may be a good start to beginning your Cherry Hill survival action case process. Trials could take time and by having a thoughtful attorney there that could help you through may be important.

When you work with an attorney you could help to tell the story of your loved one properly in court and get what they are owed for the loss of their life. Contact a wrongful death lawyer today to fight for your rights in a survival action case.