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Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation Settlements

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If you have suffered an injury in the workplace, know that you do not have to deal with the medical consequences alone. An attorney experienced in Cherry Hill workers’ compensation settlements could help fight for the compensation you deserve to help you cover the costs associated with your injuries. This could include any time missed from work, your medical bills, and any future procedures or assistance you may need if you suffered permanent impairment. While the processes associated with Cherry Hill workers’ compensation settlements may seem complicated on the outside, a qualified lawyer could help you navigate the legal system to negotiate a fair deal for you. Read on to learn more about what goes into Cherry Hill workers’ compensation settlements, as well as the ways a seasoned attorney could make a difference in your case.

Who is Involved in Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation Settlements?

Settlements involve the injured worker represented by their attorney, the attorney for the insurance company, and the judge. The judge’s role is to find that the settlement is fair and reasonable and just and that the injured worker understands their rights and responsibilities. The function of the injured worker’s lawyer is to prepare the settlement paperwork, explain it to the plaintiff, and when the hearing is conducted, to conduct an examination under oath.

The role of the insurance company’s attorney is to participate in that hearing as well, and they may have some questions for the injured party regarding their understanding of the settlement or of the explaining of the extent of their injuries. All parties have a chance to ask some questions of the petitioner, but they must be designed in an effort to make sure that everybody understands what is happening. All parties must agree to what is happening and are ultimately seeking the judge’s approval.

Choosing a Settlement vs. Litigation

Ultimately, the goal of a settlement is to agree on the percentage of disability that has been negotiated to then determine one’s compensation package. Negotiating a settlement is usually the best option for an injured employee because the alternative involves going to trial and letting a judge decide on one’s permanent disability benefits. This can place a larger amount of risk into the equation because it is unknown who the judge will side with. To mitigate that risk, it is often best to settle so that an employee can know what they will be receiving from the outset of the agreement.

The Importance of a Skilled Attorney

The settlement of a workers’ compensation case should not have any effect on the individual’s employee-employer relationship or any of the various benefits that the employee receives as a result of their employment. Unfortunately, not all individuals know this and do not file a claim when they should because they fear reprimand from their employer. This highlights the importance of retaining a skilled injury attorney as soon as possible in a case. A local lawyer will know the system, can help educate an employee about what they are entitled to, and ensure that they are receiving a fair settlement offer. If you wish to learn more about Cherry Hill workers’ compensation settlements, do not hesitate to reach out to a dedicated injury attorney today or your initial consultation.