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Cherry Hill Car Accident Statute of Limitations

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As defined by Cherry Hill law, the statute of limitations is the timeframe in which a person has to bring a lawsuit. Failure to bring a lawsuit by the end of the limitation will prevent you from bringing a claim. The deadline is typically calculated from the date of the crash, and you typically have two years to bring a claim for personal injury. Bringing a claim means formally filing a legal complaint.

Generally, if you were in a collision, you must file a complaint within two years of the date of that accident, or you will forever be barred from bringing any claim for those injuries. Every case is different, and the running of a statute of limitations is a complicated analysis that should be performed by an experienced auto accident attorney. Ask one of our lawyers about how the Cherry Hill car accident statute of limitations might apply in your specific case.

Different Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for Cherry Hill motor vehicle collisions begins immediately after the accident. While the statute of limitations for car accident claims in Chery Hill is generally two years, minors have two years from the date of their 18 birthday to bring a claim for injuries resulting from a car accident. If a 12-year old is involved in a car crash, their statute of limitations will not begin to run until two years after their 18 birthday.

Before speaking to an attorney, people can Google what they want, but the problem is that it’s impossible to know how valid the information is. Google’s statute of limitations for car accidents in Cherry Gill does not account for the nuances and factors of each individual case, making it beneficial seek the advice of an attorney who can offer insight about a specific claim’s filing deadline.

Does Suffering a Disability Impact the Filing Deadline for a Car Crash Claim?

Most people injured in car accidents in Cherry Hill will have two years to file a civil claim for damages, but someone who suffers a disability may have a longer time-frame.

Depending on the disability, they may have additional time under the statute of limitations, but that is a fact-specific analysis of the law that requires the keen eye of a knowledgeable lawyer. Therefore, somebody who became disabled in a car wreck should contact a Cherry Hill attorney right away to find out whether their statute of limitations could be modified as a result of their disability.

Ask a Cherry Hill Attorney about the Statute of Limitations for Your Car Accident Case

Once a case is filed, the statute of limitations has been preserved. A trial can occur years and years after the initial injury, but as long as a complaint has been filed, the statute of limitations is preserved. In other words, the timing of the trial does not affect the Cherry Hill car accident statute of limitations.

The running of a statute of limitations can bar somebody from bringing a claim forever. It is a significant issue, making it critical to consult with a lawyer to avoid letting the statute of limitations expire and then being forever barred from bringing the claim forward.