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Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Cherry Hill

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Many of the common causes associated with truck accidents in Cherry Hill are truck drivers working in excess of the maximum hours that are permitted under federal and state law. Driving past the allotted amount of time can create sleepy or fatigued drivers, which can severely alter their ability to drive safely.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Cherry Hill, it is pertinent that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Cherry Hill truck accident lawyer can determine what caused the accident, and how to build a claim to help successfully recover damages on your behalf.

Common Causes

Besides fatigued driving, other common causes of truck accidents in Cherry Hill include drivers who are distracted while driving. This includes drivers who are texting, looking at paperwork, or following a GPS without paying attention to the road.

Beyond common distractions, further common causes of truck accidents in Cherry Hill include:

  • Drivers who are impaired by either drinking or drugs
  • Speeding
  • Drivers not driving appropriately for the weather conditions, such as driving too fast in slippery or icy conditions

Truck drivers sometimes have deadlines or delivery due dates that causes them to drive in excess of the speed limit or to violate basic safety regulations, such as stopping at red lights, stopping at stop signs, properly signaling before changing lanes, or using improper lanes of the highway that trucks are prohibited on.

To determine if an individual suffered due to one of the common causes of truck accidents in Cherry hill, it is important that they consult with an attorney to help best prepare their truck accident claim.

Impact on Liability

To be able to determine liability in a truck accident case, an attorney would need to do an investigation. By hiring an experienced attorney, an individual would be able to preserve the evidence at the scene of the accident and begin an investigation to determine how each one of these issues may or may not have impacted the driver’s ability to drive safely.

With that, a qualified lawyer would obtain records to determine whether or not the driver was on their cellphone and texting at the time. They would also obtain records of the delivery room and the timeline associated with that.

Due to the many common causes of truck accidents in Cherry Hill, it is important to not only preserve evidence in the case, but to discover exactly what caused the truck to crash. Such determinations should only be handled through a knowledgeable truck accident attorney.

Points to Note

Everyone should know that the moment they are involved in a car accident or truck accident in Cherry Hill, there will be many issues that immediately must be dealt with.

They will encounter insurance issues, medical issues, lost wages, and issues related to pain and suffering. It is for these reasons that somebody who has been in a truck accident needs to hire an attorney who can help them navigate these unknown territories, and properly determine the cause of their Cherry Hill truck accident case.

Failure to Yield Accidents

There are many instances in Cherry Hill where it is not necessarily clear cut as to who had the right of way at an intersection. This is where determining liability becomes complicated. Many times, when involved in a case where somebody failed to yield the right of way, an attorney will collect the necessary evidence to demonstrate who had the right of way. Further, they will conduct interviews and investigate any witnesses to gather additional evidence as to who had the right of way and who was responsible for the accident.

An experienced attorney has seen accidents involving failure to yield, not stopping at four-way stop signs, and the failure to yield at roadways when there is no sign. To best determine the individual at fault for such an offense, it is critical to contact a knowledgeable lawyer.

Insurance companies treat failure to yield accidents like many other accidents.  Their initial response is to deny any responsibility. When an individual suffers such an accident, a knowledgeable lawyer will gather the evidence necessary to serve the other party at fault.

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents may differ from other truck accidents because they are typically lower speed impact but it does not mean that the injuries are less significant. The laws of liability involving a parking lot collision are really no different than any other law involving negligence and that is whether or not the person was reasonable under the circumstances when they were driving their truck such as whether or not the individual was driving too fast, failed to yield or not paying attention to pedestrians crossing.

In parking lots, it should be expected that there will be more pedestrians entering and exiting their cars. Drivers should be careful and that is really the basis of our negligence rules, such as considering what a reasonable person would do under the same or similar circumstances.

With that said, insurance companies treat parking lot accidents like every other type of collision, they typically deny any responsibility at first and only until an experienced and the appropriately aggressive attorney helps an individual will they see responsibility for an accident with the proper evidence provided.

Benefit of an Attorney

An experienced attorney can investigate failure to yield cases to determine who is at fault by preserving and protecting the physical evidence, speaking to witnesses, and retaining appropriate experts. This can be done to determine the traffic conditions, weather conditions, and an individual’s responsibility under the conditions as well as analyzing the physical evidence and comparing it with the laws of physics to determine who is at fault for the accident.

It is beneficial to work with a firm that has the resources and the experience to help versus a solo practitioner who may have limited experience and limited resources in dealing with Cherry Hill failure to yield truck accidents.