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A hit and run accident in Cherry Hill occurs when somebody causes either personal injury or property damage and leaves the scene without stopping to make sure the other individual is alright or to exchange information.

If an individual has been involved in a hit and run accident and is seeking legal representation, it is important that they consult with a knowledgeable hit and run attorney in Cherry Hill as soon as possible. An experienced Cherry Hill car accident lawyer can gather the available evidence and begin building a claim to help produce a successful recovery on behalf of their client.

Common Fact Patterns

Many times in Cherry Hill, people leaving a bar or individuals who are impaired in some way cause an accident and leave the scene.

Also, people drive while distracted and cause an accident, and instead of stopping and accepting responsibility, they drive away. Both of these instances are considered hit and runs. If an individual has been on the receiving end of such an accident, they should not hesitate before contacting a hit and run lawyer in Cherry Hill.

Uniqueness of the Charge

A hit and run accident case is different from other cases because sometimes, it is difficult to identify the responsible party. That is why it is important that an individual contact an experienced lawyer to help the person preserve evidence, obtain witness statements, and possibly preserve video that may or may not capture the driver that fled the scene.

Hit and run cases are different because they involve criminal implications. If the responsible party is caught, that person will be criminally charged. Those criminal charges could be very useful in bringing the civil case against somebody who caused an accident and left the scene. Such legal proceedings can be incredibly beneficial when effectively employed by a Cherry Hill hit and run attorney.

Recoverable Damages

In a hit and run case, there are generally three types of damages an individual can recover: economic, non-economic, which are also called compensatory damages, and sometimes in egregious circumstances, punitive damage.

Economic damages are exactly that; they involve medical expenses, lost wages, and things that can be calculated with some certainty. Non-economic damages, sometimes called human losses, involve pain, suffering, a disability, impairment, or the loss of enjoyment of life.

These are the types of damages that cannot be calculated by any formula and typically require a jury to determine what is fair and reasonable under the circumstances. Punitive damages, which are reserved for the most egregious circumstances, are meant to punish the responsible party. All types of damages can be pursued by an experienced hit and run lawyer in Cherry Hill.

Benefit of Legal Representation

A Cherry Hill hit and run attorney can help with accident cases by first preserving physical evidence at the scene of the accident as well as obtaining witness statements and other types of evidence from witnesses. Next, an attorney can help the injured person understand their rights, not only with the automobile insurance, but with other health insurance involved.

Another thing a lawyer can do is deal with insurance companies, whether it is their own or the other party’s insurance company, to make sure that nobody is taken advantage of. Finally, an experienced attorney can assist in attempting to negotiate a resolution of any claims of injury, and if a resolution is not possible, then file a lawsuit and take the case all the way through to a verdict. Contact our team today to learn about your options.

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