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Cherry Hill Failure to Yield Lawyer

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Insurance companies look at Cherry Hill failure to yield accidents like many other types of accidents. They try to determine who had the right of way and who acted reasonable under the circumstances. On the roadways in Cherry Hill, there are many times when somebody has a yield sign to come onto the highway, whether merging on 295, New Jersey Turnpike, route 73, route 38, or route 70. Under Cherry Hill law, if somebody is approaching an area where they have the right of way and the other driver must yield or will be held responsible.

If you have been in a failure to yield collision and you need help determining your next steps, an experienced car accident attorney can provide you information on the claims process. A Cherry Hill failure to yield lawyer has the experience and the resources to pursue your case.

Identifying Fault

Depending on the roadways, which driver had the right of way is an issue of fact. Identifying fault in a failure to yield collision case can be determined by obtaining physical evidence and witness testimony. Depending on the nature of the roadway, whether it is a four-way stop or a yield sign, the driver with the right of way could be a disputed fact and evidence will be required to prove who was responsible for yielding.

Depending on who has the responsibility to yield, they will likely be held responsible for failure to yield, causing the collision. In Cherry Hill, comparative negligence is where there is a comparing of the negligence of both the injured party may be to the non-injured party and a jury would determine which party is at fault. If a party is found more than 50% at fault, they are unable to make any recovery for their injury. Whoever had the responsibility to yield is a critical factor and can determine who failed to yield and is responsible for the accident.

Cherry Hill Accidents

Whether it is on route 70, route 73, route 295, or other highways, there are various times when somebody has the yield sign or a stop sign and they must yield to the other traffic on the other roadway. Every failure to yield case is unique, every roadway is unique, and the responsibility for each driver on that roadway could be unique, depending on the circumstances. For this reason, a Cherry Hill attorney is imperative whenever a failure to yield accident occurs.

Failure To Yield Investigations

Cherry Hill failure to yield attorneys can investigate cases by preserving the evidence, which would include physical evidence as well as witness testimony. They also can hire experts, like engineering experts and accident reconstruction experts, who are able to look at the physical characteristics of the roadway, look at the damage to the vehicles, take testimony, or obtain witness statements testimony to determine who is at fault.

A firm that has handled many car accident cases, especially failure to yield cases, has the experience and knowledge of the law of the area to maximize the recovery they can obtain for the client. Call today to learn more about your legal options.