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Impact of Road Rage on Cherry Hill Car Accident Claims

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Everyone knows that drugs and alcohol can impair your ability to drive, but what may come as a surprise is the fact that extreme emotions – including anxiety, anger, stress, fear, or excitement –are just as likely to cause a car accident as driving under the influence.

This is due to the fact that, when emotions are running high, an otherwise good driver may have impaired reaction times, speed, or make unsafe maneuvers in traffic. In more extreme cases, a driver may lose the ability to carry out subtler driving skills. This can jeopardize the safety of the driver, as well as other vehicles in the vicinity.

Repercussions of Road Rage

It is easy to let your emotions get the best of you when someone cuts you off, drives too close, or any other behavior that causes you to become angry or upset behind the wheel. According to the U.S. Highway Safety Office, each year, thousands of car accidents are due in part to road rage or aggressive driving. If you are a victim of road rage, here’s how you can avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

  • Stay in your car with the windows rolled up and your doors locked.
  • Do not make any hand gestures that could be perceived as hostile or rude.
  • If you do something that angers another driver, even if it was accidental, mouth the word “sorry,” or give a sign, like a wave, acknowledging that you made a mistake and that you are sorry. This will often diffuse the situation before it escalates into road rage.

Help to Manage Your Emotions

If getting behind the wheel when you are emotionally charged occurs often, there are some steps you can take to try to manage your emotions and minimize the risk of being in a car accident.

  • If you are upset, it is a good idea to pull over and try to calm yourself down. Take some deep breaths, go for a walk, have a cup of tea, or anything else that will help minimize your emotions.
  • If you cannot stop thinking about whatever it is that is making you upset, make an effort to put it out of your mind until you are able to stop the car. Listen to the radio if it helps to take your mind off the troubling issue.
  • If part of what it causing your stress is that you are rushed to get somewhere, try to give yourself extra time before you get in the car. Try relaxation techniques to control your feelings of frustration or impatience.

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