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Cherry Hill Car Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Losing a loved one to a car accident could be a painful experience, especially if that death could have been avoided. The death may not be immediate but may be related to the injuries sustained in the accident. Fatal car accidents could happen anywhere in Cherry Hill, and speaking with someone who may have experience in cases like these could be helpful. A caring wrongful death attorney may know a way to help you fight for the rights of your loved one and your family. A Cherry Hill car accident wrongful death lawyer may know a way to handle this situation with care and get you the justice you deserve.

Fact Patterns Surrounding Car Accidents

High-speed collisions, particularly in cases which involve a pedestrian or a motorcyclist, could result in fatalities especially in the case of internal injuries or head injuries. Fatalities have lessened over the years, however, a new problem coming to light has been distracted driving as a result of cell phone usage. An accident could easily be caused by that of a driver looking down at a text or call instead of paying attention to their surrounding which could cause a tragic accident.

Steps to Initiate a Wrongful Death Case

The first step a plaintiff may want to take is to seek the advice of a compassionate attorney who has experience handling wrongful death claims. If the family member who has chosen to file the claims has access to the deceased’s will, it may also be beneficial to become the executor of the estate.

If there is no will, the plaintiff may want to be named as an administrator so that a claim could be brought on their behalf. If there is no representative of the estate named, there is nobody that could bring the claim. A plaintiff could also consult with a Cherry Hill car accident wrongful death lawyer attorney immediately so they know they are protecting their rights and the rights of the estate.

Illegal Activity and Wrongful Death

Depending on the exact circumstances, it may be just a negligence claim, and that illegal behavior could be used to prove the negligence of the defendant. If the illegal behavior is so egregious that it could rise to the standard of recklessness, there may be another element of damages included for punitive damages.

For instance, when dealing with someone who was driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, the plaintiff could have a claim against the bar in which that individual was drinking. The bar is not allowed to over-serve someone who is visibly intoxicated. If they over-serve someone, and that person gets into a vehicle and causes an accident, the family of that deceased individual could file a claim both against the drunk driver and the bar.

Affect of Multiple Defendants on Damages

Having multiple defendants who are allegedly responsible for the loss of a loved one could lead to a more satisfactory outcome for a plaintiff. It could rise to the point where all of the multiple defendants may need to be damages for their part in causing a wrongful car accident fatality. If the plaintiff is able to prove that the person was acting reckless or grossly negligent, there may be punitive damages awarded as well.

Contacting a Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Attorney

Being involved in a car wreck of any kind could be jarring. Getting in touch with an attorney who could fight tirelessly for your case may be an important step in getting what you deserve. Contact a Cherry Hill car accident wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible that could start work on your case.