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Cherry Hill Nursing Home Abuse Appeals

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There are different types of appeals available in New Jersey, such as an interrogatory appeal. If a judge makes a legal decision during a nursing home abuse case that the individual or their lawyer thought was incorrect based on their analysis of certain facts, legal counsel can take an interrogatory appeal for the appellant division in New Jersey to review that decision.

The appellant division in New Jersey has the chance to either change, affirm, or send back the decision for the judge to reevaluate, depending on the facts of the case. It may be beneficial for the outcome of your case to contact a distinguished lawyer before pursuing a Cherry Hill nursing home abuse appeal.

Making the Decision to Appeal

It is possible to file a Cherry Hill nursing home abuse appeal after the case is resolved, whether by a verdict or a summary judgment by a judge. If a lawyer suspects that there was abuse of discretion of some sort, such as a judge preventing certain evidence from being presented to the jury that should have been presented, or the defense attorney for the nursing home saying things at trial that are outside the norm and which affect the jury’s decision, they may file an appeal with the appellant division in New Jersey.

The New Jersey appellant division would review the nursing home abuse case and make a decision about whether they are going to affirm the lower court’s ruling or change the ruling and remand the case back to the Superior Court to be retried. While there are several different types of appeals, this is the general procedure.

Unless there was some mistake made with regard to how the law was applied or how evidence was not permitted to be introduced to a jury, simply not being happy with the result does not justify a nursing home abuse appeal in Cherry Hill. There has to be an appealable issue at stake. It is not just about not being unhappy with the result, there has to be something that occurred at the Superior Court level that rose to an appealable issue.

Appealing a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

The benefit of appealing a nursing home abuse claim is being able to bring up a potential mistake from the judge or jury for the appellant division to review. However, if a resident and their family are just not happy with the result, it does not necessarily mean that an appeal is in the their best interest.

Individuals would have to actually file a Cherry Hill nursing home abuse appeal with the appellant division in New Jersey within a certain amount of time of the decision or the trial. The deadline can vary between every case, making it critical to work with a local lawyer. The person who wants to file the appeal would be the defendant. After the appeal is filed, they would be considered the respondent.

Then, depending on the circumstances of the case, the appellant division may ask for an oral argument, for the lawyers to come and actually argue to the court various positions, to help them make their decision. Other times, they do not request oral arguments and just make their decision based on the papers that have been provided to them.

Work with a Cherry Hill Attorney to File a Nursing Home Abuse Appeal

Filing a Cherry Hill nursing home abuse appeal can be difficult for someone without legal experience. The appellant division has extremely detailed rules about filing, about the font that can be used in the papers, about what the spacing needs to be, etc. There are so many little intricate rules that need to be followed, otherwise the appellant division will not even entertain the appeal.

It is therefore in a family’s best interests to let a lawyer handle the appellate procedures to ensure their loved one’s case is heard fairly. Call our firm to learn more about this process and how we can help.