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Process of Filing a Car Accident Claim in Cherry Hill

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The process of filing a car accident claim in Cherry Hill requires sending a letter to an insurance company for the responsible party and advising them that they have sustained an injury and expect to receive some sort of compensation for the injury. If one interprets claim to mean the formal filing of a complaint, that would be gathering the facts necessary to file a formal document within the appropriate court, which puts the other side on notice that they have sustained injuries and expect to be compensated under the law. Filing a claim on your own can be confusing, which is why you should get in contact with a qualified car accident lawyer. A Cherry Hill car accident attorney can walk you through the process of filing a claim and can work towards a positive outcome for you.

Client Involvement in the Claim Process

A client is intimately involved in the process of filing a car accident claim in Cherry Hill because they have information that the attorneys do not know unless the clients tell them. For example, when clients change medical doctors or obtain additional treatment, it is important that the client lets their attorney know about the additional treatment so that they can obtain those medical records and incorporate them into the complaint. It is the client who is suffering, and it is very important that the client has an open line of communication with their attorney so the attorney understands fully the extent of the damages and can pursue those damages on the client’s behalf.

Complaint Withdrawal

At any point, if the client for some reason does not want to proceed further, they have the option of withdrawing their complaint. Also, it is important to know that because a complaint is filed does not mean that the case will have to go all the way to a verdict in front of a jury. Instead,  the case may settle and it could settle at any time during the pendency of the litigation.

Furthermore, just because someone files an action, does not mean they are not open to negotiation. The fact that somebody files a formal lawsuit, complaint, or claim does not prevent them from continuing to negotiate to try to resolve the matter. Negotiations are always ongoing. Despite a filing of a formal complaint or claim, the parties always have an opportunity to negotiate a resolution short of having to go to verdict. Negotiating is always a possibility, at any point in the process of filing a car accident claim in Cherry Hill.

Courts Available to File a Claim

Cherry Hill is part of Camden County, New Jersey. One option if an individual is in an accident in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is to file the action in the Superior Court of Camden County, New Jersey.

Some might wonder whether there are cases that can be filed in District Court versus Circuit Court versus federal District Court but there is different terminology in New Jersey. There is not a state circuit court. In New Jersey, there is a superior court and that would be a state court proceeding, depending on the county where either a defendant resides, a responsible party resides, or where the accident happened. They would have the option of filing a claim or complaint in that state county. For example, Cherry Hill is within Camden County, New Jersey and whether if the defendant lived there or the accident happened here, they would be able to file a complaint in Camden County, New Jersey.

There may be the option of filing a matter in federal court in New Jersey. To file a matter in the federal court of New Jersey, it has to involve the violation of a federal statute, involve a federal entity like the US government, or involve diversity of citizenship, meaning there is an out-of-state defendant who was in the accident in New Jersey and therefore, there is diversity of citizenship that allows the matter to be filed in federal court.

Role of an Accident Attorney

The process of filing a car accident claim in Cherry Hill is one that can be confusing, which is why it is important to retain the services of a Cherry Hill car accident lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney will be familiar with what the process entails, as well as the nuances that can strengthen your case. If you have been involved in a car accident and now wish to file a claim, get in touch with a qualified lawyer who can advocate for you.