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Consent Forms in Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Cases 

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The signing of a consent form may impact Cherry Hill medical malpractice case. It may impact some but not all of a person’s claims. The concept is called informed consent, and it is a very fact-specific analysis as to whether or not the patient was provided reasonable options which other patients would expect to be provided under the same or similar circumstances and those options could vary depending on the type of medical issues involved. The issue of consent is a very fact-specific analysis and a complicated, so contact a qualified attorney immediately if you have questions.

Consenting to Procedure and Filing a Claim

When a person consents to a procedure, acknowledges its known risks, and wants to file a claim when the scope of damage goes beyond a reasonable expectation, it can vary on whether or not they should file a claim. The concept of informed consent in Cherry Hill medical malpractice cases depends and varies case-by-case. However, simply because a known risk occurred during a procedure does not automatically preclude somebody from bringing a claim.

Because there are times when the standard of care would not permit a known risk to occur – meaning that if the doctor had complied with the standard of care – that known risk should not have occurred. Again, the concept of informed consent in Cherry Hill medical malpractice cases and how it would impact somebody’s right is a complicated analysis that requires somebody who has experience in this area of the law.

If Parents Signed Consent Forms

If somebody’s parent signed a consent form on a child’s behalf, the situation would require a fact-specific analysis of the medicine involved and the standard involved. Simply because a parent signed a consent form on behalf of the minor does not preclude a medical malpractice lawsuit but requires a specific analysis of the facts as well as the applicable law.

What Factors that Make Liability Complicated?

Liability can be complicated in medical malpractice cases, simply by the nature of the medical condition or medical procedure at issue. Pre-existing conditions in which there are delays in diagnosis can complicate the analysis of a medical malpractice case.

Every case involving potential medical malpractice in Cherry Hill, particularly in the area of informed consent, is a fact-specific analysis. Sometimes a person may sign a document listing expectations, but the forms, whether they were read or not, do not properly lay out the risks and benefits of the procedure.

How This Can Be Proven

How an attorney proves a deviation from the doctrine of informed consent in Cherry Hill medical malpractice cases is by obtaining all the applicable records, performing medical research, and hiring appropriate experts to advise them of the known risks and benefits of the procedure and to provide expert opinion regarding whether or not the informed consent was appropriate.

Role of a Cherry Hill Attorney

Every case is unique and in order to properly represent an individual, the attorney must investigate everything that can possibly be uncovered about what happened, the good and the bad. Whether or not an individual did something that contributed to the injury is determined by a close look at the facts. It is hard to discuss that issue in the vacuum without a fact-specific scenario.