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While employers are strictly prohibited from discriminating against potential and current employees on the basis of certain protected factors, instances of discrimination in the workplace still occur. If you have been discriminated against, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit to hold your employer accountable.

It’s important to talk with a Cherry Hill workplace discrimination lawyer before filing this type of claim. An experienced employment law attorney from our firm could offer professional advice about your case and help you move forward with your claim.

Collecting Damages in a Cherry Hill Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit

Depending on the extent of a worker’s losses stemming from his or her employer’s discriminatory behavior, a local attorney may be able to help recover several kinds of damages. A discriminatory action by an employer could cause an individual substantial emotional trauma and mental anguish.

These intangible damages, in addition to lost wages in the event of a denied promotion or wrongful termination, may be recovered in a successful workplace discrimination lawsuit. One of our attorneys can also help a worker claim compensation for backpay, including loss of shares in the company and wrongfully revoked employment benefits.

Legal Safeguards against Workplace Discrimination

There are various legal protections at both the state and federal levels that safeguard workers from discriminatory business practices. In the state of New Jersey, employers are forbidden from making biased decisions against a prospective or current employee on the basis of their race, gender, sexual orientation, origin, religion, or age. Additionally, individuals who suffer from a psychological or physical disability also have a right to work with reasonable accommodations in an environment free from discrimination.

While some instances of workplace discrimination are blatantly obvious, others are more subtle. Workplace discrimination cases in our area commonly involve the wrongful termination of a person’s employment or demotions based on the aforementioned protected classes. If an employer pays a worker less than other employees in the same position because of his or her protected status despite comparable qualifications and experience, that business owner may be found in violation of federal and state anti-discrimination statutes.

Another common instance of workplace discrimination is when an employer refuses to hire, fires, or compels someone to quit their job solely because they believe they are too old. This is known as age discrimination and can result in significant civil penalties.

Finally, a company that retaliates against an employee for reporting or objecting to discriminatory employment practices may also be liable for unlawful retaliation. A dedicated Cherry Hill lawyer could help anyone who has been denied an opportunity or recently lost a job because of who they are file a strong claim against unethical business owners.

Pursuing a Workplace Discrimination Case in Cherry Hill

Workers may initiate a workplace discrimination case by either filing a civil lawsuit through the court or a formal complaint of discrimination through the federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. Workplace discrimination cases involving small companies may be submitted to the state’s civil rights division.

The type of claim an individual files will impact the kind of compensation he or she may receive. If the claimant cannot resolve his or her case at the administrative level, he or she may take the case before a judge in court. A skilled legal advocate from our firm could help an aggrieved worker determine the best way to file a workplace discrimination claim and walk him or her through the entire case process.

Get Advice from a Cherry Hill Workplace Discrimination Attorney

If you have been unfairly discriminated against at work or wrongfully denied a position due to a protected class, you may find yourself in need of legal assistance. A Cherry Hill workplace discrimination lawyer could confidently represent your interests and safeguard your employment rights throughout the process while ensuring that you file a prompt and detailed case. Call a local lawyer today to receive your comprehensive legal review.