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Cherry Hill Workplace Harassment Lawyer

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Employees have the right to work in an environment free of harassment and other discriminatory business practices. When an employer violates this right, they may open themselves up to civil liability. A Cherry Hill workplace harassment lawyer from our firm could help you to exert your legal rights and safeguard your professional future. A well-versed employment law attorney has the resources necessary to mount a strong claim against an unethical employer and could fight to achieve a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Deadline to File a Workplace Harassment Case in Cherry Hill

When someone is subjected to workplace harassment, they have a limited time to take legal action. The statute of limitations for a workplace harassment case varies depending on the facts of the situation and the law the employer violated. For instance, if an employer violates the state’s Law Against Discrimination, also known as LAD, the employee generally has two years to get a claim started.

If a worker who has experienced workplace harassment does not file a case against the offending party by the required deadline, he or she could miss the opportunity to seek a legal remedy. For this reason, it is vital to file a workplace harassment lawsuit with a local attorney who could help determine the correct filing deadline for a particular case.

Essential Factors in a Local Workplace Harassment Claim

Workplace harassment can occur in many ways. Proving a workplace harassment claim can be challenging, and a person should not approach this type of case without legal representation from a Cherry Hill lawyer.

Sexual harassment is unfortunately common in the workplace. This type of workplace harassment could be carried out in many ways, including:

  • Making inappropriate comments or gestures to an employee
  • Submitting offensive written correspondence of a sexual nature to an employee
  • Subjecting an employee to unwelcome bodily contact

To make a case for workplace harassment, the employee must show that the alleged action would not have taken place had it not been for a legally protected attribute, such as his or her age or sexual orientation. On the other hand, if the accused individual alleges that he or she behaves in the same ill manner toward everyone regardless of their protected status, the burden of proof will be greater for the aggrieved worker. In this instance, it is best to retain seasoned legal counsel for assistance with navigating these complex nuances.

Compensation for Cherry Hill Workers in a Workplace Harassment Lawsuit

An employee could obtain compensation for several types of damages in a successful workplace harassment claim. In addition to the compensation for the cost of hiring a lawyer, he or she may also be entitled to damages for mental distress and wage loss. Compensation for any lost employment benefits or past and future diminished earning capacity may also be recoverable in some cases.

Call a Cherry Hill Workplace Harassment Attorney

If you have been harassed at work, a Cherry Hill workplace harassment lawyer could help you seek the remuneration and justice you deserve. To find out whether you may have a viable case, it is a good idea to retain representation from an attorney as soon as possible. Book a confidential consultation today to discuss your potential case with a member of our team.