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The right to religious freedom is one of the essential protections of the U.S. Bill of Rights. Just as the Constitution guarantees the government will not discriminate based on religion, subsequent legislation has codified similar restrictions on religious discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, just because this type of mistreatment is prohibited does not mean it is absent from every place of employment.

If your boss subjected you to adverse treatment based on your faith, consider working with a Cherry Hill religious discrimination attorney from our firm. If you were harassed, fired, or denied a job because of your religious practices or beliefs, an experienced workplace discrimination attorney may be able to help you take definitive legal action.

Federal Protections against Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Religion is one of the classes protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which also bars discrimination against age, race, national origin, gender, disability, and sexual orientation. Title VII of this Act specifically prohibits any employer with 15 or more workers from discriminating against an employee or candidate for a position based on their own religious beliefs or the beliefs of someone he or she is associated with, such as a spouse.

When it comes to protections against discrimination by an employer, federal law defines “religion” broadly to include both widespread religions like Christianity and Islam, as well as less common and/or non-traditional beliefs. Employers also cannot discriminate based on a lack of belief (i.e. agnosticism or atheism) or earnestly held moral convictions that are comparable to the beliefs a religion would typically hold.

If applicable, employers must also provide reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs. For instance, this may include allowing time off for documented religious holidays or modifications to the standard dress and/or grooming code. A Cherry Hill attorney from our team could offer further insight about whether a particular action by an employer constitutes actionable religious discrimination.

What Constitutes Religious Discrimination in Cherry Hill?

A variety of actions could qualify as religious discrimination in the workplace, not all of which have to come from a supervisor or authority figure to qualify for civil litigation. In addition to being terminated, disciplined, or mistreated in some other way by an employer, consistent harassment or abuse from coworkers on religious grounds could also constitute a violation of Title VII the Civil Rights Act.

Unfortunately, these cases can be difficult to prove in court without legal representation because documentary evidence that expressly confirms an employer was mistreated specifically because of their religious beliefs is hard to come by. However, a qualified lawyer at our firm could build a convincing case based on evidence of long-term discriminatory practices, like preferential treatment of other employees and a failure to provide reasonable religious accommodations.

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Depending on what type of treatment you experienced, you may be entitled to recover for a variety of damages if your religious discrimination case is successful, including back pay, compensation for emotional stress, attorneys’ fees, and even punitive damages under certain circumstances.

Seek counsel from a seasoned Cherry Hill religious discrimination lawyer who knows how to handle cases like yours and could work tirelessly on your behalf to pursue a beneficial outcome. Call today to schedule a consultation and start discussing your legal options.