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If you were treated poorly by your boss, supervisor, or company after becoming pregnant, your rights under federal or state employment law may have been violated. Most employers in our area are prohibited from discriminating against an employee because of her pregnancy, childbirth, or related complications.

While every case is unique, anyone who suffers this type of mistreatment should enlist the help of an experienced workplace discrimination attorney. Let a Cherry Hill pregnancy discrimination lawyer from our firm help with your case.

Types of Pregnancy Discrimination

While it is sometime hard to discern whether pregnancy discrimination has actually taken place, there are signs an employee can look for to help identify it. An employee who is subjected to adverse action for any of the following reasons may have a valid pregnancy discrimination claim in our area:

  • Becoming pregnant
  • The circumstances leading to pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding at work
  • Taking maternity leave
  • Taking time off for complications related to pregnancy and childbirth

If an employee is terminated from her position on the basis of her pregnancy, she should consult with an attorney to determine what legal remedies may be available.

Federal Protections for Pregnant Employees in Cherry Hill

There are several laws protect pregnant employees from prejudice at work. For example, the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act modified Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include mistreatment based on pregnancy as a form of sex discrimination. These laws make it clear that pregnancy, childbirth, and other associated conditions are protected from adverse employment action.

Federal employment law only applies to businesses with fifteen or more employees, so not every worker is protected. A skilled lawyer from our team could help an aggrieved employee determine whether this law applies in her pregnancy discrimination case.

State Laws against Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnant or breastfeeding employees also qualify for protection under New Jersey’s Law against Discrimination (LAD). Unlike the federal statutes, there is not a required minimum number of employees at a given company for this law to apply. This means every Cherry Hill employee is protected from mistreatment on the basis of pregnancy and childbirth under this statute.

LAD defines actionable discrimination as:

  • Termination of employment
  • Reduction of responsibilities
  • Changes in pay (i.e. withheld wages, denied bonuses, demotions)
  • Failure to provide reasonable accommodations
  • Refusal to hire someone who is or may become pregnant

Reasonable accommodations for a pregnant employee may include an employer’s obligation to provide a private space other than a bathroom for her to breastfeed in, for example. If, at any time, an employee believes her job was negatively impacted due to her pregnancy or a related issue, she should contact a knowledgeable Cherry Hill lawyer to determine her rights and legal options.

Contact a Cherry Hill Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Mistreatment from an employer or manager due to your pregnancy could form the basis of a successful claim against your boss. This legal action could result in substantial financial compensation, as well as other remedies. You deserve to have your employment rights protected by a dedicated Cherry Hill pregnancy discrimination lawyer.

If you were treated poorly at work after becoming pregnant or giving birth, let our team analyze your case and help you move forward. Contact us today for a consultation.