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Whether to report a specific issue or express your concerns about unlawful business practices taking place, you should be able to exert your employment rights at work without fear of retaliation. If you recently lost your job, were demoted, or faced another type of retaliation from your employer, you should talk with a dedicated employment law attorney.

While New Jersey law offers specific protections designed to shield employees from instances of retaliation, establishing the burden of proof can be challenging. A seasoned Cherry Hill workplace retaliation lawyer could help you explore the most effective legal options for your situation. Our team could determine whether you are entitled to proceed with legal action against your current or former employer.

Common Instances of Employer Retaliation in Cherry Hill

Unlawful retaliation from an employer can happen in a lot of ways. While some instances of retaliatory behavior are more subtle than others, they still violate state and federal employment protections. Many workplace retaliation claims in our area have several events in common.

For example, if an employee is fired or demoted after reporting an incident of harassment to his or her employer, this could constitute unlawful retaliation. Likewise, if a worker witnesses illegal business practices taking place within his or her company, he or she has the right to make these issues known without fear of workplace retaliation. State law also prohibits employers from retaliating against a worker for refusing to participate in illegal business practices.

Furthermore, when an employee is injured on the job and files a workers’ compensation claim, his or her employer may not terminate his or her employment, slash his or her salary, or take another unfavorable action. Other examples of workplace retaliation include denied promotions, cut hours, removal from a project, or disparaging comments. A local attorney could analyze the facts of a specific employer retaliation case and help an aggrieved worker file a successful a claim.

The Burden of Proof for Local Workplace Retaliation Claims

Because employer retaliation can be so nuanced, there is a particular burden of proof that must be met to win this type of claim. To establish that retaliation occurred at work, an attorney in Cherry Hill would need to show that the action that triggered the alleged retaliation was within the worker’s employment rights.

For instance, state and federal anti-discrimination laws protect employees from derogatory treatment at work. If a worker reports a discriminatory event and is subsequently fired, demoted, or denied employment benefits, he or she could have a valid workplace retaliation claim. There must be a clear connection between an employee’s action and the employer’s reaction to show that unlawful retaliation occurred.

Ask a Cherry Hill Workplace Retaliation Attorney for Assistance

If you reported an action that you believed to be illegal, filed a workers’ compensation claim, or took another protected action and were retaliated against by your employer, you may be entitled to bring a civil claim. A Cherry Hill workplace retaliation lawyer could defend your rights and hold your boss accountable for engaging in unlawful retaliatory behavior. To discuss your prospective claim, do not hesitate to call our office today and speak with an attorney.