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Cherry Hill Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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Despite being prohibited by both state and federal laws, sexual harassment is unfortunately common in many local workplaces. If you recently experienced inappropriate comments, non-consensual touching, or any form of sexual assault from a coworker or supervisor, you may be entitled to seek legal recourse.

However, as any well-versed workplace harassment attorney could attest, successfully filing suit for sexual misconduct can be tricky. If you want to maximize your chances of achieving a positive case result, you should consider seeking working with a seasoned Cherry Hill workplace sexual harassment lawyer from our firm.

Which Types of Workplace Sexual Harassment Are Actionable in Cherry Hill?

Generally, there are three forms of workplace sexual harassment that may give rise to legal action, all of which a qualified attorney could provide assistance with. First, inappropriate comments or actions that create a hostile work environment may create a cause of action if they negatively affect an employee’s ability to perform his or her job duties.

Additionally, supervisors can be held liable for quid pro quo sexual harassment (i.e. connecting or attempting to connect employment to the performance of sexual favors). Any form of conditional treatment predicated on sexual objectification or contact may constitute a quid pro quo arrangement, whether it occurs during employment or before someone is hired for a position.

Furthermore, a worker may have grounds to file a workplace retaliation claim if his or her refusal to engage in sexual contact with a coworker or supervisor – or his or her filing of a complaint about inappropriate behavior – results in direct reprisal from his or her employer. Depending on the circumstances, reprisal could entail anything from job reassignment to demotion, to wrongful termination from a job altogether.

Seeking Recovery for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employers have different degrees of liability for sexual harassment in the workplace depending on the type of damages a worker is seeking for the mistreatment he or she experienced. If an employee only seeks equitable damages (i.e. non-monetary remedies like job reinstatement or restructuring of internal harassment policies), his or her employer would bear strict liability for the actions of supervisors and other workers they employ.

Conversely, if a worker seeks monetary damages for sexual harassment, his or her employer would only bear vicarious liability if they were negligent in their failure to establish and enforce procedures to prevent harassment or if the harassing party is a supervisor acting with the authority of the employer. A knowledgeable lawyer in Cherry Hill could help a worker determine whether he or she has valid grounds to file a sexual harassment claim.

Talk to a Cherry Hill Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment can be incredibly damaging to both individual workers and the companies that fail to protect them, and any employer that does not ensure a safe working environment for all their employees should be held accountable. However, successfully filing suit for workplace sexual harassment can be a lengthy and legally complex ordeal, especially without quality legal counsel by your side.

An experienced Cherry Hill workplace sexual harassment lawyer from our team could offer customized guidance throughout every stage of your claim and work on your behalf to pursue a favorable outcome in or out of court. To schedule your initial consultation, call today.