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If you have been subjected to age discrimination in the workplace, you may have legal grounds to file a civil claim for damages. A Cherry Hill age discrimination lawyer could explain your legal rights and discuss whether you may have sufficient causation to pursue legal remedies. When dealing with age discrimination in the workplace, it is vital to seek the assistance of a qualified attorney who has experience in handling these types of cases.

Requirements to File a Local Age Discrimination Case

Both federal and state laws protect workers from discrimination on the basis of their age. This means that an employer cannot fire someone or disqualify a potential candidate for a particular position because of how old they are. Likewise, local business owners are prohibited from demoting an employee to a lesser position and from refusing to promote someone because of his or her age.

Filing a successful age discrimination lawsuit requires workers to establish that their employers treated them differently based on how old they are. For example, if a company fires an employee because of his or her age, he or she may have a valid claim for damages. However, cases involving age discrimination are rarely this clear-cut.

The state’s Law Against Discrimination forbids employers from making prejudicial decisions about someone’s work status on the basis of how old they are. While an employee who is at least 18 may file an age discrimination case, these claims commonly involve workers over the age of 40.

Another common example of age discrimination is when an employer replaces an otherwise qualified worker who has a track record of proficiency with someone considerably older or younger. Business owners may do this to avoid providing highly experienced employees with increased pay and benefits. Because age discrimination cases usually involve proving claims against a company’s team of attorneys, it is wise to speak with a Cherry Hill lawyer for guidance on a specific claim.

Exceptions to State Laws Governing Age Discrimination in Cherry Hill

While the state’s anti-discrimination laws afford protections to qualifying employees, some individuals are not covered. Particularly, workers under the age of 18 or those who are older than 70 are not protected under this law. This means that a company may demote, fire, or decline to hire someone in these age groups without violating the state’s law against age discrimination in the workplace. Federal provisions concerning age discrimination are even narrower and only apply to workers who are at least 40 years of age.

Recoverable Damages in a Local Age Discrimination Claim

A Cherry Hill attorney could help an aggrieved worker obtain several kinds of damages from an unethical business owner. For example, payment for lost wages as well as damages for the mental anguish inflicted by the discriminatory action may be recovered in a successful age discrimination claim. The plaintiff may also be able to recover the future income he or she would have earned if he or she had not been wrongfully denied a promotion, for example.

Get Help from a Cherry Hill Age Discrimination Attorney

If you believe that you have a valid age discrimination lawsuit, you should speak with a local attorney as soon as possible. A Cherry Hill age discrimination lawyer from our team could explain the details of your case and advise you on how to move forward. Contact our firm today for a confidential case consultation.