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Employees who face workplace discrimination based on their national origin should work with a local attorney to ensure their legal rights are protected. You should never be treated unfairly at work, especially on the basis of your national origin. If this does occur, you could be entitled to pursue legal remedies and financial compensation.

If you were subjected to discriminatory behavior at work on the basis of where you’re from, a seasoned Cherry Hill national origin discrimination lawyer may be able to help. With knowledgeable legal counsel by your side, you could be better equipped to protect your employment rights.

Identifying National Origin Discrimination in the Workplace

While every case is different, a person who experiences national origin-based discrimination may not be able to recognize it. If a person was fired, denied a promotion, paid less than other employees, or treated differently in any way due to his or her national origin, he or she may bring a claim of discrimination under both federal and state law. In any case, an experienced attorney can help determine whether an aggrieved worker qualifies to initiate civil litigation against his or her employer.

The New Jersey Law against Discrimination

The New Jersey Law against Discrimination (LAD) prohibits business owners from treating employees or potential candidates for employment unfairly on the basis of their national origin, among many other protected factors. Specifically, business owners may not refuse to hire a person due to his or her place of origin or discriminate against him or her in compensation or other aspects of employment. This law applies to all employers within the State, except for federal employers, who are subject to the provisions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

How to File a Complaint under the LAD

If an employee believes he or she was treated poorly due to his or her national origin, he or she can file an official complaint for discrimination with the help of a well-versed lawyer. For example, filing an administrative complaint with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights can protect an employee’s rights by holding his or her boss accountable for engaging in or allowing national origin-based discrimination to occur.

A successful complaint may result in financial compensation for the employee, as well as other potential remedies. If the administrative complaint process does not result in a favorable outcome, the worker may file a case in a local superior court – or federal court in certain circumstances.

A worker must file an administrative complaint within 180 days of the discriminatory action by his or her employer. Otherwise, he or she would have two years to file a civil claim in a local court. Regardless of which legal path an aggrieved employee chooses, one of our team members could guide him or her through the process and protect his or her legal rights every step of the way.

Remedies for National Origin-Based Discrimination

Under the LAD, an employee who is subjected to national origin discrimination can obtain several legal remedies in addition to financial compensation. For example, one of our attorneys could help recover the following employment law damages:

  • Reinstatement to the employee’s job
  • Back pay
  • Injunctive relief
  • Punitive damages
  • Attorneys’ fees

A dedicated Cherry Hill lawyer could assist an employee in obtaining the financial compensation he or she deserves through a successful national origin discrimination lawsuit.

Consult a Cherry Hill National Origin Discrimination Attorney

If you have faced national origin discrimination from your employer, coworker, or supervisor, you deserve to have your rights protected by a skilled legal advocate. With the help of a Cherry Hill national origin discrimination lawyer, you could protect your rights and get the financial compensation you’re entitled to. Call our firm today for a consultation.