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Anti-Discrimination Laws in Cherry Hill

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State and federal laws ban employers from discriminating against employees on a variety of bases. However, workers are commonly refused promotions or employment due to underlying biases.

While some types of discrimination might be easier to prove than others, a lawyer who is familiar with anti-discrimination laws in Cherry Hill can help. For this reason, it is often advisable for wronged employees to seek guidance from experienced employment discrimination attorneys in the area.

Common Prejudices in Workplaces

In New Jersey, attorneys see claims for disability and age discrimination, where there tends to be more concrete evidence that prejudice has occurred. This is often due to an employee having documented evidence of a disability or having made written requests for accommodations in the workplace. In some cases, there might be a pattern of older employees being terminated or disciplined as compared to their younger counterparts or vice-versa.

Age and disability discrimination are far from the only types of discrimination that can occur at a place of work. Other types of workplace prejudice include discrimination on the basis of:

Compassionate lawyers in Cherry Hill take all discrimination cases seriously and can help apply relevant state and federal laws to win you the compensation you are entitled to. Whether it is open and obvious, or more subtle, all bias and discrimination needs to be addressed and eradicated in the workforce.

What State and Federal Laws Address Job Discrimination?

There are three main federal laws that apply to employment discrimination. Title VII is the first, which addresses limited numbers of protected classes, including race, sex, and a few others. In addition to Title VII, there is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, which is a federal law prohibiting discrimination against individuals over the age of 40.

There is also the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits workplace discrimination based on an individual having a disability or who is perceived as having a disability. This Act also requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities and prohibits adverse employment action based on a disabled worker’s request for accommodations.

New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination, or LAD, is a much more comprehensive version of Title VII that only applies in our state. While it incorporates age and disability discrimination, it also addresses many more protected classes. For example, federal law does not currently recognize sexual orientation discrimination, but the LAD does.

Federal Anti-Discrimination Agencies

The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, oversees Title VII, which is the federal anti-discrimination law that applies to businesses with over 15 employees. Aggrieved workers can file discrimination claims through the EEOC to have them investigated before filing a lawsuit.

There is a similar agency at the state level called the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, or DCR, which relates to the Law Against Discrimination. Importantly, employees in Cherry Hill do not have an obligation to present a job discrimination claim to the EEOC or the DCR before filing a lawsuit.

Discuss Types of Workplace Discrimination with a Cherry Hill Attorney

If you or a loved one faced workplace discrimination, you should seek legal guidance from a seasoned attorney. A well-practiced Cherry Hill lawyer who is familiar with state and federal anti-discrimination laws can help you hold the employer or company responsible for their wrongdoing. To learn more about how a local attorney can help, call today and schedule your initial case consultation.

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