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Cherry Hill Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawyer

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Your sexual orientation should not have a negative effect on your employment. Unfortunately, some employers in our area discriminate against their workers on the basis of their sexual orientation. If your boss subjected you to adverse treatment for this reason, let an experienced Cherry Hill sexual orientation discrimination lawyer help you pursue financial compensation and other legal remedies available under state law. If you are dealing with sexual orientation prejudice at your place of employment, a well-versed workplace discrimination attorney could analyze your case and seek the compensation you deserve.

Legal Protections against Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Cherry Hill

State law prohibits discrimination on the basis of a person’s sexual orientation. New Jersey’s Law against Discrimination specifically prohibits business owners from subjecting employees to adverse action upon learning their sexual orientation.

Additionally, a U.S. Supreme Court decision held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act includes safeguards for gender identity and sexual orientation. The Court determined that mistreatment based on sexual orientation falls under the category of sex discrimination and is therefore protected under federal law. This federal law only applies to employers who have more than 15 employees, so it’s important to note that not every business is protected under this statute.

Employees who face discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation may be entitled to the following legal remedies available under both state and federal law:

  • Reinstatement to a previously held position
  • Backpay of any wrongfully denied bonuses
  • Promotion to a position that was given to a less qualified worker
  • Compensation for humiliation
  • Lost wages

How to Prove a Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim

Proving an instance or pattern of sexual orientation prejudice at work can be difficult without the help of a skilled lawyer. Under New Jersey law, a worker and his or her attorney must establish the following elements of sexual orientation discrimination through a preponderance of evidence:

  • The employee was in a protected class
  • The employee was qualified for the position and performed it well
  • The employee was fired or subjected to some other adverse employment action
  • Other employees of a different sexual orientation did not face the same negative effects

It is the employer’s burden of proof to demonstrate legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for his or her disciplinary action. Regardless of what a business owner claims as the reason for negative employment action, the aggrieved worker can still work with legal counsel to prove that he or she was discriminated against due to his or her sexual orientation.

Consult a Cherry Hill Sexual Orientation Discrimination Attorney

Most Cherry Hill employees are protected against discrimination based on their sexual orientation, whether under federal or state law. If you have endured discrimination at the hands of your employer, you could be entitled to financial compensation and other legal remedies.

With help from an experienced Cherry Hill sexual orientation discrimination lawyer, you could get your life and career back on track. Contact us today to book a consultation.