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Workplace discrimination in New Jersey occurs when an employer either treats an employee differently or alters the terms, conditions, and privileges of employment because of the employee’s membership in a protected class. A common type of workplace discrimination is based on an employee’s sex or gender.

If an employer has policies that only apply to women or only apply to men, that may be considered a discriminatory employment practice of the employer and should be reviewed by a Cherry Hill gender discrimination lawyer. If you have been discriminated against based on your sex or gender, do not hesitate to speak with an accomplished local attorney right away.

Discriminating an Employee Based on Sex or Gender

New Jersey recognizes over 20 protected classes for purposes of the Law Against Discrimination; this includes sex, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gender identity or expression, family status, marital status, and domestic partnership or civil union status.

Some actions that may qualify as discrimination of an employee because of their sex or gender identity includes:

  • Altering the terms of their employment
  • Demotions
  • Terminations
  • Placing them on a performance improvement plan
  • Issuing discipline.

In addition, sexual harassment can be a form of sex or gender discrimination in the workplace, which includes unwanted and unwelcome comments, touching, or advances in the workplace.

Equal Pay Act of 1963

New Jersey has its own Equal Pay Act, which prohibits an employer from treating employees differently in the terms of their compensation because of their sex. This means, an employer cannot pay men and women different rates for the same work or else a Cherry Hill lawyer could hold them liable for sex-based discrimination.

Standard of Sex-Based or Gender Bias in Cherry Hill

New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination has a standard that is very favorable to employees in proving sexual harassment or a hostile work environment based upon an individual’s sex or gender identity. If an employer or supervisor’s conduct is severe or pervasive enough to make another member of the same protected class feel discriminated against, then the standard is met.

It should be noted that severe conduct can occur with a sufficiently egregious act, even if it only occurs on one or two occasions, while pervasive conduct is something that occurs repeatedly. In either case, a gender and sex discrimination attorney in Cherry Hill can help a victim of this behavior in getting justice for heinous acts.

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Bias or prejudice based on an employee’s sex or gender identity is probably one of the most well-known types of workplace discrimination. While there has been public outcry against this misconduct, employers continue to mistreat members of this protected class.

If you have faced discrimination due to your gender identity or sex, contact a Cherry Hill gender discrimination lawyer right away. A hardworking attorney could gather important evidence and help you hold your employer accountable for their misconduct. We look forward to speaking with you.